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We have Successfully Completed Our First Group of Summer Camp this Week.

We are so excited to say that we had our first group of summer campers back at the studio his week for a test run of the new implementations of our new policies. This week we had such a fun, small group join us for 3 hours each day in our mixed-genre invitational camp. These students did an amazing job of ensuring social distancing as well as following close directions with our new policies. Some of our new policies include: - maintaining 6ft distance from all friends (for younger students we called it “keep a mattress between you” - Staying at your assigned station at the barre - Washing your hands at each break - Staying on your spot for all snack and water breaks - For students who chose to or are over 12yrs of age, when not dancing, wore masks. (please see our new policy page for additional and detailed changes: Our campers enjoyed seeing their friends, as well as improving their technique.  They showed what they learned in the long absence from the studio.  At the end of camp, we trialed a parent's viewing of their progress and what the students prepared for viewing. This was a huge success!  We are so proud of how hard our students worked to prepare.  We are looking forward to our remaining and new upcoming camps! We still have limited space available in our current camps ( You can also create a family and student portal to be added to our mailing list for upcoming and new camps as well as receive our newsletter ( This portal will allow you to place your dancer on our waitlist of all current camps if you would like to register online.

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