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Dress Rehearsal Information



Dear Families for the Sunday Afternoon and Evening Recital Shows,

(Kinder families this email does not apply to you. There is no dress rehearsal for this show. You do not need to read further.) 


This email contains:

1. Dress Rehearsal Info. for this Week (FAQ’s)

2. Costume Change (“Quick Changes,” “Fast Changes,” & All Changes FAQ’s)

3. Drop-off & Pick-up Info. for the Shows (FAQ’s)​

1. Dress Rehearsal at Sunset Center on Saturday, May 27th 

We look forward to seeing all Beginning through level 6 performers at the dress rehearsal on Saturday at Sunset Center. 

We are closed for all classes Saturday, may 27th for dress rehearsal (closed to observers). ATTEND Mon. - Friday classes (May 22nd -26th). 

Click here for the updated dress rehearsal schedule. 

Arrive well ahead of time (take into account summer traffic and difficulty parking in Carmel during the summer), have your costumes organized, and be ready to perform in your 1) first costume with 2) hair complete and 3) tights/shoes on. 4) Make-up is not required for dress rehearsal but is welcome (see recital link for make-up details for recital). 

Each show piece dress rehearses 1 time (we have allotted 5 min. per dance). 

Dress rehearsal means we run it identical to the show, including hair, shoes, tights, and first costume. There will not be any costume changes other than wearing your first costume. Questions on costume changes, tights, make-up, hair, and shoes? LINK



We have our staff in place for changes for all our performers. Enjoy the shows. At no time are members, other than our staff, permitted backstage for dress rehearsal or recital. We don’t have “the house” for the theater during dress rehearsal. The theater is closed to observers. Drop- off your performer in front of the rectangular low building to the right of will call (if you are facing the building). 

During the dress rehearsal, we will organize ALL “quick” (1-3 dances between changes) & “fast” (4-6 dances between changes) changes and keep those costumes at the theater overnight for the ALL SHOWS but will not be making any of these actual changes at the dress rehearsal. 

Bring “all changes”  to dress rehearsal outside of your worn first costume on your body: 

  1.  on a a) non-slip hanger inside a b) clear garment bag (each costume needs its own clear garment bag) and c) label that bag with your first and last name, teacher, class, day, time and dance number in the show 

  2. Label all parts of all costumes with your name 

  3. Label your shoes

  4. include tights and back up tights that are unwrapped are a good idea

If for any reason your child is MISSING DRESS REHEARSAL, and your child has a quick (1-3 dances between changes) or fast (4-6 dances between changes) change in the 4 PM SHOW or any costume changes in the 12:30 PM SHOW, drop off their costume during dress rehearsal times at the theater (see website). We must have at the theater “quick or fast changes” for the afternoon and evening show changes prior by the end of Saturday night’s rehearsal. 

If we do not have the costume changes above at the theater by the last block of time, a staff member will be calling asking you to drop them off at the theater on dress rehearsal day. (Each change is marked on our spreadsheet, has a form pre-filled out for your child, and our staff organize it prior to Sat. Each change is checked off as it arrives.)

Tights REMINDER for Show. Layer tights for the show: Have a ballet dance and then a jazz dance? Place the jazz tights under the ballet tights) or visa-versa. Have jazz dance and then contemporary dance? Use the adapt-a-toe convertible tights to eliminate the need to change tights.



Arrive at the theater 30 min. ahead of your rehearsal time. Plan on the delays of parking/weekend traffic. You may also pull up to the front and drop your student off and then park. Students will enter the doors to the right of Sunset Center WILL CALL in the low single-story building with double doors. There will be sufficient signage. 

Pick-up where you dropped off to a parent/responsible party. You may pick up your students after their last rehearsal dance, they do not need to stay for the full rehearsal block. Thank you for allowing us to run smoothly backstage. No members other than our staff member are permitted inside the theater building or backstage at dress rehearsal. 


Note: We realize there may be events later in the day. Your child may leave directly after they are completed with their dress rehearsal dance/s for the day (plan approx. 5-6 min. per dance, look at the order to tabulate approx. time). 

This will be a fabulous, celebratory weekend. Your child/s current classes run through June 2nd. 

We then begin our summer class sessions which require a separate registration. That registration is open now. We also have weeks of camps & intensives for all ages 3-18 in all genres. 

Visit our website for summer fun and learning at


Please See the Attachments for Schedules.

Thank You,

The Dance Center

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