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Kinder Performers Information

Sunday- May 12, 2024 Kinder Recital Lineup 

Location: Sunset Center

Tickets go on Sale: TBD

Click HERE for the list of dances in the Kinder Showcase

Kinder/Pre-K Recital FAQs

Dear Pre-K/Kinder/Intro. to Jazz/Lyrical Families, 

Here are 9 tips for success to help your family have a fun and stress-free recital experience on 5/12. This is what to expect. 

(Your child (in the classes above) has NO dress rehearsal the day before 5/11. We find that is a more enjoyable experience for our youngest students without coming back-to-back days.) 

1) Drop-off: Please plan to arrive very early Sun., 5/12 at Carmel’s Sunset Center to find parking on the street or lower lot (think summer traffic on HWY-1 and summer tourists). 

It is Mother’s Day Weekend. We begin intake at 9:50 AM for the 10:30 AM show 

2) One adult must check the child into the backstage (the low building to the right if you face the box office). It may take 20-25 minutes to check your student in.  Please note there will be a station to drop off A-L last names and a separate station in the same area for M-Z.  These will be the same for pickup.

3) Each performer will have a wristband affixed at check-in that lists their name, dance/s, and teacher/s. 

4) We ask all students to arrive fully ready in costume/dance shoes to perform (see required hair, shoes, and tights link CLICK HERE  for their first dance or only class dance. If your child has more than one dance, all costume changes will have been turned in April, so that we may have time to organize them. You will have been contacted. 

Link to the recital order is also on the website under “recital”.  

5) Children must enter backstage independently at drop-off. We have TDC faculty and staff backstage for your child to help with anything needed. This includes your child’s teacher and class assistant, if applicable.  

6) “Kinder ballet/tap” or “Pre-K ballet/tap” classes: these students wear their ballet shoes to the theater, please tuck in all laces, and bring labeled tap shoes in a labeled gallon bag given in class. These students have TWO dances. They have a 1-2 dance break and retake stage for their tap portion.  

7) Please do not drop off your child with any additional items or clothing as they have a tendency to get misplaced backstage. (The exception is a small, disposable water with name labeled with a sharpie on it is permitted.)  

8) This is ACT 1: Kinder/Pre-K/Intro. to Jazz/Lyrical that runs with  intermission, approx. 60 min. All performers (unless they also take a beginning (BEG) prefix class) will either go home at the end of ACT 1 or please purchase them a ticket to watch ACT 2 (you can all share tickets and a ticketed family member go home instead) for ACT 2. 

There will be a door clearly marked to pick up dancers with the last name M-Z and a second door to pick up A-L last names. 

Thank you for your understanding that for the safety of all TDC students, we are unable to release a student early during a live performance, in the middle of an Act. Thank you in advance for your patience at pick-up.  

9)  Ensure you have purchased your tickets to the 10:30 AM show at when tickets are released for sale: date TBD. 

We look forward to a wonderful 2023 Recital Showcase.  

Reminder, classes are held through May 31st. 

Join us for summer camps JUNE 3-August 2nd, and/or our 5-week week summer class session, by registering now. 

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