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General Tuition

Fees you may see through a school year:

  • Registration Fee - $40 for first student, $20 for second+ Student. This fee is due every August Enrollment for the Fall-Spring season

  • Costume Fee - TBA per class – Some of our classes/levels will share a costume. After the initial order, costume price will go up to TBA per costume (this is due to we are charged shipping and do not receive the large order discount) – All Costumes are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable. We do not purchase costumes back from families if the student drops, or switches classes. Our vendor only allows us to exchange for sizes.

  • Recital Tickets – Ticket prices range from $20-30 per person, depending on the show. All tickets are sold through Sunset Center. Tickets will usually go on sale with Sunset Center 6-8 weeks before the recital date.

Make-up, Drop-in, and Placement COVID Policy:

Due to the health and safety of our students and employees, for the short-term, there will be no class make-ups, no drop-ins, private placements only  (must be done privately or in a camp) as we are limiting the mixing of students.

Absence Policy:

Tuition is not prorated for missed classes for sick students or those on break. Your students' spot is paid for to hold their enrollment, and we are unable to give to another student.

Tuition Rate Tiers:

This year our tuition will look a bit different. Our 2022-23 tuition schedule will be broken down into 3 tiered groups, Dance Technique, Musical Theater, and Partnering Private.


How is this different from years past:

All dance technique classes will have one tier of tuition as usual. This includes 2’s, Just 3’s, Preschool, Kinder, and all dance technique.


All partnering classes will be a separate tuition tier (same pricing per hour but not included in the unlimited tuition), this is due to the class sizes being maxed at 5 students to allow the instructor to work more one-on-one with the students. 


In order to financially sustain our musical theater performance (MTP) program and theater production program (TP), each program for 2022-23 is now in its own tuition tier and no longer in our dance class tuition tier. It is not part of our unlimited package offering. 


All Tier pricing is the same hourly rate, it is just not combined into the same unlimited category. Each category starts a new first hourly tier.


The sibling discounts still apply per tiered tuition (ie both students in Musical Theater, one student will receive the 10% discount).


How does this look:

Student 1 is enrolled in 1 dance technique class and 1 musical theater class, they will have 2 charges of $88.50 ($177) (1hr dance technique, 1hr musical theater). 


Student 1 and 2 - student 1 enrolled in Musical Theater, and student 2 enrolled in dance technique. Both students will have a charge for $88.50 for 1hr classes.


All tuition and additional Musical Theater Performance Fees, Fees related to competition team fees, Theater Production Fees, and all costumes are nonrefundable once paid. Recital fees, media fees, venue fees, and ticketing group or individual fees for any are also non-refundable once paid. We do not refund classes or tuition for missed classes, injuries, or non-attendance. Thank you for your understanding.

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