General Tuition

Fees you may see through a school year:

  • Registration Fee - $35 for first student, $15 for second+ Student. This fee is due every August Enrollment for the Fall-Spring season

  • Costume Fee - $65 per class – Some of our classes/levels will share a costume. After the initial order, costume price will go up to $80 per costume (this is due to we are charged shipping and do not receive the large order discount) – All Costumes are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-returnable. We do not purchase costumes back from families if the student drops, or switches classes. Our vendor only allows us to exchange for sizes.

  • Media Fee - $25 per family – this is charged March 15th for all students participating in the recital.

  • Recital Tickets – Ticket prices range from $20-30 per person, depending on the show. All tickets are sold through Sunset Center. Tickets will usually go on sale with Sunset Center 6-8 weeks before the recital date.

  • Musical Theater: Performance Fees – Range from $75-175 per semester (August and December) depending on the grade level and classes. See the Musical Theater Fees page.

  • Photo Memory Book – OPTIONAL $5 for the first book, $3.50 for any additional books. An evite will be sent to all families who would like to request books.

Make-up, Drop-in, and Placement COVID Policy:

Due to the health and safety of our students and employees, for the short-term, there will be no class make-ups, no drop-ins, private placements only  (must be done privately or in a camp) as we are limiting the mixing of students.

Absence Policy:

There will no prorate for missed classes for sick students or those on break. Your spot is paid for and unable to be filled by another student.

Acro Pricing:

Due to a reduced classroom capacity for COVID best practices for acro, this genre of the class is priced in full as the first-hour pricing whether 60+ or more minutes. There will be a $5 per class fee added for a $20 per month tuition surcharge. (Exempt from Unlimited).

- August 2020 - June 2021 -

Registration Fee

An annual registration fee will be due at the time of registration. This fee covers liability insurance premiums, registration and billing software, and payment processing fees. 1st student $35.00 2nd student $15.00 Any additional student FREE Adult program $20.00

2020-2021 Tuition Rate Guide

1 Hour Per Week - $83.60 2 Hour Per Week - $162.80 3 Hour Per Week - $237.60 4 Hour Per Week - $308.00 5 Hour Per Week - $374.00 6 Hour Per Week - $435.60 7 Hour Per Week - $492.80 8 Hour Per Week - $550.00 9 Hour Per Week - $594.00 9.25+ Hour Per Week - $600.00

Unlimited Per Student Monthly Class Package

9.25+ Hour Per Week - $600.00 per month

Family Discount

10% off total monthly tuition for each additional child. Private lesson fees are not included in the Family Discount Package.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late fees ($25) will be applied to the account on the 5th and 15th of the month if there is still an outstanding balance as of that date. All Balances that are over 30 days past due are subject to a 5% balance carried fee. Tuition remains the same every month. Our tuition rates are based on a 4 week/month class meeting time. Just as tuition does not increase for months where a class meets for 5 weeks, tuition does not decrease for those months where a class meets for 3 weeks. Tuition rates also include the holiday breaks deducted from the annual tuition. (ie: Spring, Thanksgiving, Winter Breaks). It is the policy of TDC to accept the following forms of payment: electronic payment through Studio Director, credit card or debit card through TDC, check, cashier’s check, or money order. TDC will process private lesson fees through Studio Director by cash, check or credit card on file, at the time the service is rendered. Insufficient Check or Transaction Fee $25.00 Late Payment (if not received before the 5th of each month) $25.00 Additional Late Payment (if not received before the 15th) $25.00 If more than one insufficient check is processed, TDC will request payment by cashier’s check, money order or electronic processing through Studio Director.

Cancellation Policy

Tuition/Class cancellation/drop must be submitted in writing (email) by the 15th day of the month prior to the requested cancellation. If cancellation is received after the 15th of the month cancellation will be processed the following month. (Ie: you would like to cancel effective March 31st, the drop request must be submitted by/before March 15th). All tuition is non-refundable. If the cancelation/drop request is submitted after the 15th of the month: your student is welcome to continue in their class through the following month, or they can do make up classes through the following month in other genres/classes to see if there is a better fit.

Monthly Credit Cards Payments

All accounts with a credit card on-file: the cardholder must authorize/request additional payments, enrollments, and drop-in fees outside of automated monthly tuition. Their email address must also be added to the account to receive all receipts, as well as additional charge informational emails. Anyone (no matter their relation to the account holder) cannot make financial changes or changes to the account without the card holder’s approval. The account holders may add the card holder’s name to the account to create a “shared accounted,” but all payments, outside of automated monthly tuition due, will need to be authorized for payment.

Musical Theater Class Participation Fees:

Preschool and Kinder (1 costume): $75.00 per ½ year (August-December and January- May) 1st- 5th grade (2 costumes): $100.00 per ½ year (August-December and January- May) 6th -8th grade (3 costumes): $125.00 per ½ year (August-December and January- May) 9th-12th grade (4 costumes): $175.00 per ½ year (August-December and January- May) The August- December participation fee will be enter / processed / paid by registrant at the time of class registration. There is no family or multiple performer discount for the MT participation fee. This fee goes towards: costuming, storage needs, music and vocal recordings, music licensing fees, performance fees, venue insurance, costume alterations, costume cleaning, venue fees, props, and director’s performance stipend/fees.

Summer Camp Tuition

Welcome to summer camp at The Dance Center! We are excited you will be joining us for the summer!

Please note, your child is not formally registered until the tuition is paid in full. Our system will drop your registration unless it is paid within 24 hours of sign-up. If payment has been processed, your student has been fully enrolled and their spot will be held.

We base our staffing on numbers for the week, so we are unable to offer tuition refunds/credits for any summer camp.

Private Pod Pricing

Please email our front desk at with any requests for private classes with your Pod. Up to 4 students in a group: Private lesson rate no matter how many hours 5+ students in a group: TDC Hourly Pricing

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