Team TDC



Each year team candidates will be selected through a standardized audition process.  Evaluations and placements will allow each dancer’s passion for dance and the ability to be showcased.  Our goal is to elevate and inspire each individual dancer’s abilities to help create a confident, empowered and well-rounded student.

We are excited to offer Mini – Senior jazz/contemporary/lyrical/musical theater teams, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop and, Tap Competition Team.  All competition teams will have the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers from all over the United States. The Artistic Directors of TDC, as well as the designated Team Coaches, will oversee each team.


Team Coaches

Tia Brown

Laura Lobo

Alyssa Kosan

Hope Fellows

Jadell Lee

Based upon the student’s desires, abilities, and commitment level, after a conversation with the parent and child, the artistic directors and team coaches will collaborate on what the best path is for the dancer.  This decision will be based upon their maturity in technique as well as performance. The artistic directors, as well as designated team coaches, will oversee the solos, duets, trios, and small groups. Those selected for a solo, duets, trio, or small group will be required to complete a minimum of 30 minutes of private rehearsal with an appointed team coach or artistic director.

Team Auditions

Dear TDC Families and Dancers,


We are very excited to announce it is time to start considering auditions for Team TDC! 


We will be holding auditions on Saturday, June 13th, at The Dance Center.  Please email if you are interested in being considered for the audition. Your interest will be discussed with your teachers; level, attendance, placement, etc. will be taken into account.  The front desk will then reach out to you with audition information.


We will be placing dancers for multiple levels of Jazz / Contemporary Teams, Acro Team(s), Ballet Team(s), Tap Team, Hip Hop Team.  Please be sure to indicate in your email to the office manager what team you are interested in being considered for auditions. Example of information needed in an email: Student First/Last Name, Team interested in auditioning for, list any and all solo/duo/trio/small groups and possible styles they would like to be considered for.


Please know acceptance and commitment, to one or multiple teams, is for the entire year: June choreography sessions (TBD), July choreography sessions (TBD), and fall class season August 2020- June 2021 (including recital).  This helps our team members to understand and learn the importance of teamwork, growth, and responsibility.  
Can you commit to the following financial aspects of team? (Hotel, travel, and food excluded)Fees:


A fee of $135.00 will be processed with each team member’s acceptance to team TDC and is non-refundable.  This fee will help to cover a very small portion of costs and team coaches’ travel/needs for all four competitions and conventions. 


1 convention per year:

$25.00 registration fee

$260.00 class fee for all classes (Sat and Sunday)

$55.00-65.00 per competition piece entry fee


3 competitions per year:

$25.00 registration fee

$55.00-65.00 per competition piece entry fee


Choreography fee per group dance:

$135.00-$175.00 per piece


Team jacket (does not have to be replaced every year):



Team Costumes:

$95.00-110.00 per piece.  We attempt to keep the price as low as possible for the quality of costume necessary to compete.



All competition fees, team fees, group choreography, costumes, solo choreo/small/group duet are nonrefundable (for any reason inclusive of medical leave, moving, and injury). 


Competitions (nonrefundable): 

For competition, we are required to pay in full months ahead of time to reserve our space. Thank you for paying your competition fees on time as we have already paid for your child’s registration. We are not refunded from the competition companies for any reason. 


Choreography (nonrefundable): 

For choreographers, they are under contract and paid per child for a group choreography and your child’s fee (or solo/duet/trio fee). Your choreography fees combine to meet their minimum (especially if they are flying in). This means not showing up to choreography or deciding not to do team, even at the start of the year, still results in paying the choreographer for your child in whatever they have previously committed to do. 


When your child accepts a space onto a team (if offered) and commitments to “extras” like a solo/duet/small group, ensure it is a sincere YES for the duration of the year.

Requested Summer Intensives

6/15/20-6/19/20 Ballet Intensive. We request all team members participate (Petite Team and above). 


6/22/20-6/26/20 Beg/Adv Beg Jazz Contemporary Intensive. We request all Mini Team Members to participate.


7/13/20-7/17/20 Acro and Hip-Hop Intensives.  We request all Acro team members participate in the Acro intensive and all Hip Hop team members participate in the Hip Hop Intensive


7/20/20-7/24/20 Jazz and Contemporary Intensive for all levels.  We request petite team through senior team members participate, acro, and hip hop. 


If your dancer is not able to attend the summer intensives requested for team members, due to a scheduled family vacation, we request team students make-up the equivalent number of hours missed from each intensive in summer classes.  If you are away dancing at an intensive during the time of TDC’s intensive, those intensives void each other and makeup class time is not requested.


If you are able to commit to the requirements for a Team TDC we would love to hear from you and we will discuss your interest amongst the team coaches and your teachers!  Please email your RSVP to

Solos, Duos, Trios, and Small Groups

All individuals interested in a duo/ trio/ small group will audition with their level as well- see below.


As directors with MANY years of experience in competition, we strongly recommend auditioning for an additional piece only after participating on Team for one year.  This will allow the dancer to have a better understanding of the time and team commitment without additional rehearsal and performance pressures.


If you are considering auditioning for a solo, duo, trio, or small group please be sure you can say YES! to the following:

1. One 30-45 min additional rehearsal per week outside class for a jazz, contemporary, tap or hip-hop solo.  Ballet private lessons one 1 hour private per week or 2 thirty min privates per week.

2. Choreography Fee:

A. Solo $400-$750 on average depending on choreographer

B. Duet $200-$350 per dancer depending on choreographer

C. Trio $150-$300 per dancer depending on choreographer

D. Small-Group prices vary depending on choreographer, usually around $150.00-300.00

E. Studio rental for choreography $15.00 per hour for 3-5 hours.

3. Costume Fee ranging from $125.00-$500.00 for costume, embellishment, and headpiece.

4. Commitment to regular rehearsal with the assigned team coach and possibly additional private lessons if needed for dancer or dancers to be ready to compete.

5. Commitment to attendance in all weekly classes.

6. Additional Convention and Competition Fees:

A. Solo $105.00-$135.00 per competition / convention

B. Duet $65.00-$75.00 per competition / convention

C. Trio $65.00-$75.00 per competition / convention

D. Small-Group $55.00-$65.00 per competition / convention


If you are a current team soloist:

We will evaluate, award, and make solo recommendations based upon your competition season Feb 2020-March 2020.  You will not need to schedule an AUDITION TIME on 4/1/2020. The most honest audition we can hold for our current team members is an evaluation of the solo competition experience on stage.


If you are a new soloist, are a current soloist but auditioning for a new genre solo, or interested in a duo, trio, or small group READ BELOW:

4/1/2020 Audition Times (Studio 1)

5:00-5:15 All Level 2-3 Jazz and Contemp Dancers Interested in being considered for a duo/ trio/ small group

5:15-5:30 All Level 2-3 Jazz and Contemp Dancers interested in auditioning for a new genre solo or are not currently soloists

5:30-5:45 All Level 4-5 Jazz and Contemp Dancers interested in auditioning for a new genre solo or are not currently soloists

5:45-6:00 All Level 4-5 Jazz and Contemp Dancers Interested in being considered for a duo/ trio/ small group

6:00-6:15 All Level 6 Jazz and Contemp Dancers Interested in being considered for a duo/ trio/ small group

6:15-6:30 All Level 4-5 Jazz and Contemp Dancers interested in auditioning for a new genre solo or are not currently soloists

judges feel compliments them best (solo, duo, trio, or group).