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Team TDC FAQs 



2023 Competition Schedule

YAGP 1/20/23-1/22/23 weekend (ballet teams only, not jazz and contemporary/tap/acro teams)

The Movement 2/24/23-2/26/23 weekend (All Teams)

Showstoppers 3/10/23-3/12/23 weekend (All Teams)

Adrenaline Convention and Competition 3/17/23-3/19/23 (No Sparks or Mini Teams)

Just Dance 4/22/23-4/23/23 weekend (All Teams)

We strongly recommend making hotel reservations for the entire weekend in case of an early start or late competition.  We receive the competition schedule usually 7 days prior to the event.  We would recommend modifying your hotel arrangements at that time to match your competition schedule.  It is always easier to cancel a reservation vs attempt to find a room.

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