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Carmel, CA

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Welcome to The Dance Center


You two are BRILLIANT and INNOVATIVE as I’m watching Ashley dance through Zoom!!! Thank you for jumping into action, creating something that keeps these kids on track and motivated! You are the type of business leaders we need all over the world - no exaggeration. Thank you and We are so lucky to have you in our community. - Monica G.

Our Story

     Two young dancers on opposite coasts begin to dream. They dream of the possible: a beautiful, inclusive, creative space that exudes welcome and love. Old friends and new friends become family. Life stages are celebrated, understood, and lived more fully through dance. This place is vibrant with creative energy. Children, teens, and adults are respected, encouraged, listened to, and valued.

These dancers become teachers and begin careers; the dream follows. Over the years, these teachers passionately mentor, guide, and train-all with the promise of the possible. They teach students to follow their dreams, reach for the stars, and never give up. These teachers are brought together first by profession, then by friendship, and finally by the dream itself.


Our dream has a name: The Dance Center

Welcome to our TDC Family.

You are our dream come true.


With Love,

Tia & Laura

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