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Preschool Performers Information


Location: The Dance Center, BTS (Mission and 8th, Carmel By-The-Sea)


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(including Preschool Musical Theater, N/A Big Sur Location):

The $20 assessment for preschool prefix classes is “per performer”.  This recital is May 26th at our in-house theater at our Mission and 8th location. Please reserve the day. Each class will perform twice and then be released immediately after performing. Our updated plan now includes most classes performing alone so we could increase the number of attendees and stay under firecode. There are no tickets needed. Each class is allotted 10 min. for their 2 min. recital piece. We hope this new format for our preschool dancers makes the performance experience accessible, relaxed, and FUN for our youngest dancers.

Preschool Recital FAQs

Preschool Level Classes: your showcase will be held at our By-the-Sea convertible theater location on Saturday, June 3rd.

NOTE: We do not yet have times but 2-3 classes perform at one time and are released. Approx. drop-off 20 min. before. Times and details TBA. Please reserve the entire day.



  • HAIR, all classes, all performers (female costume): Ponytail, elastic matching hair, with headpiece (BOW) on top middle.

  • Hair, all classes, all performers (male costume): as worn, well-groomed.

  • Is your class titled: “Preschool Acro/Jazz” or "Aco, Hip-Hop, Ballet Camp"

    • NO SHOES barefoot

    • Wearing female costume: No Tights, and Capri Pants.

    • Wearing male costume: NO TIGHTS

  • Is your class titled: “Preschool Ballet/Tap”

    • PINK Ballet shoes (if wearing female costume). *if student has laces (we prefer no-ties to work towards our goal a tie-free studio for our younger students) on the ballet shoe, double knot and tuck all laces inside ballet shoe)

    • BLACK Ballet shoes (if wearing male costume) with thin black socks

    • TIGHTS (if wearing female costume): any “like-new” pink tight.

    • 2+ ENROLLED CLASSES and one is "acro" in the title, ensure your child has adapt-a-toe /convertible pink ballet tights.

      • This adapt-a-toe tight will be rolled up for acro depending on performance order. We will try to organize children with multiple classes in the same performance group. This may not always be possible.

Preschool Recital FAQs

Questions? Ask the desk staff now. Here are some FAQs:

All Performers: Make-up:


All Performers: Don’t bring anything else!

Do not bring anything additional with your child at drop-off.

No water bottles. No food. No backpack. No jacket. No outside shoes. We are unable to track any additional items backstage.


All Performers: How many dances does my child have if they are enrolled in one class?

Your preschool child will perform ONE DANCE per enrolled class.

For example, every preschool has ONE dance with both dance styles with blended music.


All Performers: When can I pick them up?

When the show is over, we will not release any child before the show ends.

The recital estimated run time is 15min per block. We will take a few moments after the end of the show to have all students lined up and ready for pick up. We appreciate all parents' patience and ask that only one parent from each family be in the pick-up line.


All Performers: Where is this show?

At our downtown Carmel Location on the corner of Mission & 8th across from Sunset Center Parking Lot.


All Performers: Does my child have a dress rehearsal prior? Do I need to buy a ticket to see the show?

No there is not a dress rehearsal. You will receive a “Recital Fee” charge on 2/1 which will cover the cost of the showcase tickets (3-4 per child, TBD based on class enrollments in comparison to theater fire code capacity) and teachers' time to help with the showcase outside of their class time.




Do not bring tap shoes to the theater. No preschooler needs tap shoes in this show.

Hope these tips for success help make to make it a fun, memorable, and special first recital experience!

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