Preschool Performers Information

Dear Preschool Families, 

This email highlights what is specifically needed for the success of preschool students and families at the 10 AM, Saturday, June 11th recital showcase at Sunset Center. These tips will help you and your child enjoy a memorable time.

NOTE: Parents with a child enrolled in more than 1 class which means the child has more than 1 dance in the show (ie: costume change), give careful attention to heading(s) that mention “2+ enrolled classes”.


If you are performing and have not already, please set up an appointment time to pick up your recital costume with the front desk before May 15th.


  1. HAIR, all classes, all performers (female costume): Ponytail, elastic matching hair tone, with headpiece (BOW) (or if Norah’s Preschool Monday, wear tiara headband with a ponytail, suggest bobby pin to head)

    1. Hair, all classes, all performers (male costume): as worn, well-groomed.

  2. Is your class titled: “Preschool Acro/Jazz” or “Tues. 12:45 PM Preschool Acro/Ballet/Jazz Camp”?:

    1. NO SHOES barefoot

    2. Wearing female costume: Footless flesh-tone tights (any similar tight okay, example of tight HERE, to local Carmel dance store Metronome).

    3. Wearing male costume: NO TIGHTS 

    4. DO NOT WEAR underlying puffy turquoise tutu (leave that tutu at home … unless your child has a second enrolled class that wears this tutu, which would be any class titled “preschool ballet/tap” class or “WED. 9 AM preschool musical theater/ballet/tap camp”)

  3. Is your class titled: “Preschool Ballet/Tap” or “WED. 9 AM preschool musical theater/ballet/tap camp”?

    1. PINK Ballet shoes (if wearing female costume) (*if student has laces on the ballet shoe, double knot and tuck all laces inside ballet shoe)

    2. BLACK Ballet shoes (if wearing male costume) with thin black socks 

    3. TIGHTS (if wearing female costume): any “like-new” pink tight: see link to local store Metronome that carries this (any similar tight is okay).

    4. 2+ ENROLLED CLASSES: If your child is enrolled in two or more classes, ALL “preschool acro/jazz or 12:45 Tues. Acro/Ballet/Jazz Camp” dances go FIRST in the show before any ballet/tap class. Ensure your child has adapt-a-toe /convertible pink ballet tights (link here, any similar tight okay). 

      1. This adapt-a-toe tight will be rolled up UNDER their footless flesh tone acro tights before you drop them off (if female costume). This “tight stacking” is a PRO-TIP that helps us with the costume change/even if it is only a tight and tutu addition.

  4. My child has 2+ ENROLLED CLASSES? What to do? SKIP THIS IF THEY DO NOT.



Arrive early: 9 AM. Arrive in first costume as child goes on stage and stack tights (if female costume, see 3d above regarding stacking tights). 

Arrive with a clear garment-like bag on hanger that is clearly labeled with:

  1. First and last name 

  2. Class/es title/teacher/day/time. The order of the show is not yet released. 

However, all classes with acro in the title are placed at the beginning of the show stacked up by genre before any ballet/tap dance. Acro dances use acro mats that are then removed from the stage. 

This means your child will arrive in their:

  1. ACRO costume

  2. Have their turquoise tutu in the garment-like bag with their BALLET shoes in the bag

  3. Have their tights stacked (ACRO footless, over pink convertible tight). Your “change bag” may look different if your child is: 

    1. In Norah’s Preschool Ballet/Tap (bring that glittery gown in your change bag with the crown headpiece and ballet shoes). 

    2. Your change bag may look different if you have a male costume with 2+ classes (wear the acro costume first and ensure in your 2nd costume change bag also has thin black socks and black ballet shoes). 

 Our staff has every preschool child’s changes on a shared spreadsheet and knows what dances they are in and where each child goes first and second (and for some, third). Each child also has their dances on their wristband along with their name for additional identification. We have it covered! Enjoy the show. 


Questions? Ask the desk staff now. Here are some FAQs:

All Performers: Make-up:

All Performers: Masks?: 
OPTIONAL. If you would like the child to wear a mask, place it on the face at drop-off. Our staff will keep the mask on if they are dropped off with one on and is not able to remove it. We suggest a flesh tone mask. We will not have masks for you at the theater. Self-provided only.

All Performers: Don’t bring anything else!
Do not bring anything additional with your child at drop-off. No water bottles. No food. No backpack. No jacket. We are unable to track any additional items backstage.

All Performers: What to expect at drop-off?:
A line to check in your child at drop-off. You will be given a claim ticket to match their wristband, which will be placed on their wrist at check-in. This wristband is printed with first and last name and enrolled classes. Check-in will take time. Thank you for your patience as each child is carefully checked-in.

All Performers: What time to drop-off?

  1. 9:15 AM June 11th for no changes, 1 dance means 1 enrolled class. Come early. Expect a line.

  2. 9:00 AM for more than 1 class with changes clearly labeled with first and last name & child’s classes in a clear garment-type bag on a hanger. Come early. Expect a line.

All Performers: How many dances does my child have if they are enrolled in one class?
Your preschool child will perform ONE DANCE per enrolled class. 

  • For example, every preschool ballet & tap class has ONE dance with both dance styles with blended music. The student wears one shoe type (BALLET shoe). Acro/Jazz or Acro/Jazz/Ballet Camp Tues. 12:45 has ONE DANCE per enrolled class with these dance styles with blended music. Student(s) wears one shoe type (BAREFOOT).


All Performers: When can I pick them up? 
When the show is over, we will not release any child before the show ends. The recital estimated run time is 1hr and 15min with no intermission. We will take a few moments after the end of the show to have all students lined up and ready for pick up. We appreciate all parents' patience and ask that only one parent from each family be in the pick-up line.

You must match your claim ticket to your child’s wristband at pick-up. There will be one pick-up line for preschool classes and one pick-up line for kinder classes. Pick-up will take time. Thank you for your patience as each child is carefully checked out.


All Performers: Where is this show?
Carmel’s Sunset Center (the low building to the right of the main theater is drop-off). You will drop and leave at the door. No parents inside for drop-off.

All Performers: Does my child have a dress rehearsal prior to this 10 AM, Sat., June 11th show. 
NO, they do not. There is no dress rehearsal for any preschool (or kinder) student for the 10 AM show.

Do I need to buy a ticket to see the show? 
YES. Ensure you have purchased tickets to the 10 am show from the Carmel-by-the-Sea Sunset Center’s website:

All policies and ticketing policies are that of the theater not of TDC. Direct all questions and concerns to the theater box office. 

PRO-TIP: Do not wait until the show day to pick-up tickets at will call. Pick-up before.



  • Do not bring tap shoes to the theater. No preschooler needs tap shoes in this show.

Hope these tips for success help make to make it a fun, memorable, and special first recital experience!