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Studio Policies

Tax ID/Child Care Request:

As a reminder, we are not a registered child care or daycare facility.  We can provide our Tax ID, but we cannot certify that we provided daycare or child care.

Because we are not a licensed daycare facility, we do not have the appropriate staff to watch unsupervised children. 

Outside of class time, if your child is left unattended it is the parents/guardian’s responsibility and liability. Our desk staff is not set up to watch, or ensure children make it to their classes on time. They will be distracted by phone calls and their duties that they cannot provide adequate supervision.

If a parent/guardian is more than 10 min. late to pick up the student from their last class, and the student requires desk staff or an instructor to supervise, and it becomes a reoccurring occurrence, a fee will be added to account for each occurrence the desk staff services are needed. 

Note, if your child is traveling to and from TDC on their own, please ensure they have a device in which they contact a parent upon arrival or they may use our phone.


Lost & Found Items:

Parents/Guardians/Students that leave personal items unattended assume all responsibility for these items. Items left outside, in cubbies, etc. are not The Dance Center’s responsibility or liability. The front desk staff at the end of the day and/or before opening in the morning will put all items left behind in our lost and found. The Dance Center is not responsible for any lost, stolen or donated items.


Food and Drinks:

Food/drinks (water bottles ok) must remain outside the lobby and classrooms. A water bottle is permitted in class. Due to new county guidelines, TDC is unable to provide water fountains. Please ensure your student brings enough water to last through their class time(s). 

The Dance Center is a “No Food Studio” as some of our students do have high allergies to some foods (even airborne). We also find with the food/crumbs left in our studios & lobby areas, it invites some unwanted pests. 

Gum: For the dancers’ safety, TDC is a “gum-free zone” in the classroom as well as in the lobby areas. Chewing gum while dancing is a choking hazard. 


Class Cancellation:

Each class has a minimum limit of 6 students. Any classes with registration below 6 are subject to merging, or cancelation. In order for TDC to keep tuition at a considerably low rate, we must have 6 students enrolled. 

We do apologize for the inconvenience of a class being canceled. Parents will be notified with 30 days’ notice that the class will be canceled to provide them the time needed to try other classes and find the class that works with their schedule.

Class Viewing: 

All of our studios feature floor-to-ceiling windows that may be used for year-round viewing at the discretion of the instructor. We are happy to enable parents to watch their child’s enjoyment and progress in class without distracting from the learning process.

TDC does promote independence, all of our classes are closed to parents in the classroom (besides our Tiny Dancer class as that has parent participation). We do understand that you would like to watch your students’ progression, but we encourage you to view from the exterior of the classroom. We find the students’ progress and feel more comfortable with the classes being closed.

Cancellation Policy:

Tuition/Class cancellation/drop must be submitted in writing (email) by the 15th day of the month.

If cancellation is received after the 15th of the month, the cancelation fee will be applied. All tuition is non-refundable.


If the cancelation/drop request is submitted after the 15th of the month: your student is welcome to continue in their class through the month. The cancellation fees below will be applied per class being canceled.


Cancelation Fee Schedule (Per Student):

1st Class - $50

2nd Class - $40

3rd Class - $30

4th Class - $20

5th Class - $10

6th+ Class - No additional Charge


Credit Cards On File:

All accounts with a credit card on-file: the cardholder must authorize/request additional payments, enrollments, and drop-in fees outside of automated monthly tuition. Their email address must also be added to the account to receive all receipts, as well as additional charge informational emails. Anyone (no matter their relation to the account holder) cannot make financial changes or changes to the account without the card holder’s approval. The account holders may add the card holder’s name to the account to create a “shared accounted,” but all payments, outside of automated monthly tuition due, will need to be authorized for payment.


TDC Billing Policy:

If the account becomes more than 15 days past due, the student/s will not be permitted to participate in class until the account balance is paid. 

We recommend families electing to pay by cash/check to submit tuition 1 week in advance. All credit cards on file will be placed on auto-pay, the cards will be charged on the 1st of the month, each month unless a drop request is received. If the card is declined, a $2.50 charge will be placed on the account for the processing fees.

TDC Tuition Policy:

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month. Late fees ($25) will be applied to the account on the 5th and 15th of the month if there is still an outstanding balance as of that date. All Balances that are over 30 days past due are subject to a 5% balance carried fee.

Tuition remains the same every month. Our tuition rates are based on a 4 week/month class meeting time. Just as tuition does not increase for months where a class meets for 5 weeks, tuition does not decrease for those months where a class meets for 3 weeks. Tuition rates also include the holiday breaks deducted from the annual tuition. (ie: Spring, Thanksgiving, Winter Breaks).

Registration Fee: An annual registration fee($35 for the first student, $15 per additional student) will be due at the time of registration.  This fee covers a small portion of your family’s administrative costs, billing, online portal, insurance, and a small portion of the music licensing. The fee is renewed every Fall Semester.

Make-up, Drop-in, and Placement COVID Policy:

Due to the health and safety of our students and employees, there will be no class make-ups, drop-ins, private placements only  (must be done privately or in a camp) as we are limiting the mixing of students.

Absence Policy:

There is no prorate for missed classes for sick students or those on break. Your spot is paid for and unable to be filled by another student.

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