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Classical ballet is known as the “backbone” of dance and the most formal style, adhering to the traditional techniques.


Our ballet program stresses the method and execution of movement. The foundation of the dance consists of five basic positions, all performed with a focus on the turnout.


Students are carefully instructed so they may learn the names, meanings, and precise technique of each movement as well as grace, elegance, flexibility, stamina, discipline, and endurance.


Emphasis is placed on building strength mostly in the lower body and the core, a strong essential origination of support that is necessary for all movements in ballet.  Precise attention is also placed on strengthening the feet and ankles, allowing dancers to be promoted to pointe.


New to the TDC Ballet Program:

Intermediate Ballet AP Program

Professional Ballet Training

Our Intermediate Ballet AP Program is an invite-only program for ballet-focused dancers of a similar ballet level, ages 9-14. This classical ballet program prepares motivated, serious students in a structured pre-professional training program. The Intermediate AP faculty for 2023-24 are Isaiah Bindel, Kiera Hansen, and co-owner Tia Brown. Our Intermediate AP program requires students to enroll in 3X a weekly ballet technique class block comprised of other AP students. These AP classes are intended as a preparatory foundation and are supplemented by additional ballet and/or pointe classes. Our Intermediate AP students may have aspirations to join a professional ballet company or obtain collegiate entry into strong university dance programs. Our ballet alumni have obtained entry in elite training programs such as: American Ballet Theater (NYC), San Francisco Ballet, Houston Ballet, Ballet West, Paris Opera Ballet, the former Kirov Academy of Ballet, The Harid Conservatory, and invitations to join Ellison Ballet School. If your dancer is interested in consideration for this program, email

Ballet Level information

Beginning Ballet, Year 1 (6-7-year-olds and 7 turning 8-year-olds just beginning ballet)


Beginning Ballet, Year 2 (7-8-year-olds, 2nd grade who HAVE taken ballet before or the Beginning Ballet, Year 1 at The Dance Center)


Ballet Level 1 (7-9-year-olds, 3rd grade, or 2nd grade that have taken Beginning Ballet, Years 1 & 2. This level is a 2-year program for most)


Ballet Level 1/2 (8-11-year-olds, most being 9-10, who have completed level 1) 


Ballet Level 2 (9-12-year-olds who have completed level 1/2).  Pointe prep could possibly begin this year)


Ballet Level 2/3 (11-14 year-olds who have completed level 2.  Pointe prep could possibly begin this year)


Intermediate Ballet AP & Ballet 3 and up, by placement only.


Tween Ballet: age 8-12 (new to dance, or other circumstances, aiming to join ballet 1 after 1 year, or ballet 1/2 after 2 years of tween ballet.)


Teen Ballet: age 13-18 (new to ballet, hoping to join Ballet 2 after 1 year of 2 classes per week, or after 2 years of 1 class per week.)

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