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Our Facility

Our Carmel Rancho Studio

Our 7,500 square foot facility houses five dance studios featuring professionally sprung floors using a custom basket weave system for sustainable performance of dancers and injury prevention. New, ADA accessible restrooms located within the facility. In addition, eight additional common area restrooms/changing areas are maintained by the shopping center. Sustainable building features have been incorporated into The Dance Center, including a brand new zoned heating and air conditioning system controlled by wifi thermostats, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural ventilation in all studios, and LED lighting, and many other must-see features. 

Our welcome area includes WIFI internet access and workspace options for students’ schoolwork between classes. Ample on-site parking is available at Carmel Rancho (including convenient drop-off and pick-up spaces in front of The Dance Center) as well as parking space at the BTS location in the parking lot adjacent to Sunset Center


Find Us

     Our state-of-the-art facilities are located in the picturesque, sheltered Carmel Rancho Shopping Center, downtown Carmel By-the-Sea on the corner of Mission and 8th, and at The Grange in Big Sur.   The Dance Center, Carmel Rancho and BTS are adjacent to a wide variety of restaurants, facilities, and stores. Students may meet their healthy snack needs at the Cornucopia market, Bruno's Market, and Nielsen's Market, do homework at the next door Coffee Bank or many coffee shops in downtown Carmel, or grab an on-the-go meal at a variety of restaurants surrounding the two studios.

Our Sprung Floors


·        Slip-resistant vinyl surfaces to avoid slips and falls.

·        Combination of shock-absorption and energy return

·        “Area elasticity”- the floor “gives” when the dancer lands

·        No excessive rebounding trampoline effect

·        Shock-dampened to reduces concern for “point elasticity”


The Dance Center is proud to feature a state of the art woven wooden sprung floors that absorb shock in all studios.  Such floors are considered the best available for dance and indoor sports and physical education. They enhance performance and greatly reduce injuries. Traditional floors provide their spring through bending woven wooden battens, and therefore dancers will be able to feel the flexibility of the floor as they step on the floor.

The art of dance is a physical activity requiring jumping and, more importantly, landing. This activity puts additional stress on joints and bones. Dance shoes alone cannot provide enough cushioning or support, so dance itself can put pressure on the back and knees of each dancer. TDC is taking every measure to ensure the health of our students.

TDC sprung floors are covered with vinyl “Marley” that is known as being THE best surface on which to dance. Professional companies such as San Francisco Ballet, American Ballet Theater, The Edge, and many more all use the same type of flooring. This floor allows the perfect leverage for the dancer – it is neither too sticky nor too slippery.

Very few studios choose to install the “Marley” surface and sprung flooring because of the great expense and usually opt for a cheaper alternative such as wood or linoleum over cement.  Our top of the line flooring will reduce injuries and give the students the optimal surface on which to dance. Our sprung floating floor is under our “Marley” surface.

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