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Class Session June 19th - July 28th

May 15th UPDATE

Starting on May 15th, there is a $25 cancellation or camp transfer policy for all summer camps for each individual summer camp cancelled or transferred

(up to 15 days prior to camp, please see below). 


*There is a $50 cancellation or transfer fee 14 days before the camp start date

for each individual camp. 


There are no refunds for students who miss camp days or are unable to attend camp for any reason starting 7 days before the camp start date and during the camp week. Students are not able to transfer to another camp date within the 7 days before the camp start date. 



Click this for our *NEW* summer class schedule offerings and scheduling types. Registration will open 2/15 at 1 PM online at Ask any questions of our front desk staff now before registration opens. 


There are two types of class schedules offered for this summer:



This is a single 5-week schedule M-TH, classes held from 4 PM+, from JUNE 19th-27th (classes not held the week of July 3rd). Each class meets once a week. This includes Levels Caregiver, 2’s, Preschool, Kinder, Beginner, Level 1, pretween, teen/tween, and lower level musical theater classes. During the summer, we now do not have morning, early afternoon, or weekend classes in the summer due to our extensive summer camp schedule. (We do not have our adult ballet in the summer due to summer travel for adults. We have found we don’t meet the min. in our summer months to hold adult classes.)


2)    SINGLE WEEK SESSIONS: Block Schedule

Single week sessions are for our intermediate-advanced level dancers: Levels ½-6. This new block schedule gives these dancers consistency and frequency needed while in town for select weeks during the summer. These dancers may sign up for weekly session blocks by week M-TH. from JUNE 19th-27th (classes not held the week of July 3rd).


Ballet is held 3X a week by level. All three must be signed up for by week in a block. Pointe is held 3X a week, all three must be signed up for by week and must be accompanied by the 3x a week ballet portion. Pointe is by invite only. Levels 2-6 Jazz Class & Contemporary Classes are offered 1X a week by level and must be signed up for in a single 1.5 hr. block.


3)    What level for the summer? All Caregiver, 2’s, Preschool sign-up by age as of June 19th. All incoming KINDERS sign up for Kinder. All incoming GR. 1 sign-up for BEG. All other students use new incoming GR. or 2023 leveling unless contacted after registration and instructed otherwise.


a)     Summer Pointe prep students (just promoted to pointe) must be invited to sign up after a spring evaluation.

b)    Acro levels are based on 2023-24 projected placements. Inquire from the front desk for projected leveling from instructor.


4)    Note the *NEW* addition of the two-week “Sparks Camp Class” required for 2023-24 sparks team members or potentially interested team members, ages 4-6, with Mrs. Abbie Soltis. This is June 5-16th, 4:15-5:45 P (M-F). Open for registration now.


5)    Note the *NEW* addition of the “tap camp class” with Alyssa open to ages 9+ and required for tap team members: June 19-22nd Intro-Level 1 (ages 9+) 5:30-7 P. June 26th-29th Levels 2+ (ages 9+). Leveling based on on 2023-24 leveling (request projected leveling from front desk for next season from instructor by student). Open for registration now.



6)    Note the *NEW* addition of musical theater GR. 1-3 Tangled camp (*based on incoming grade levels.)  This 12:45-3:45 P camp meets July 10-16th and is a direct feed from our AM camp sessions. Open for registration now.


E) SUMMER CAMPS BEGIN JUNE 5-AUGUST 4: (Registering NOW ages 3-18 over 50 AM/PM camp options with optional connection of these sessions with LUNCH BUNCH for full day campers ages 8 and under.)

* use incoming grade for 2023-24 school year

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