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Recital 2023 Information (Also Emailed)


Preschool Level Classes: your showcase will be held at our By-the-Sea convertible theater location on Saturday, June 3rd.


All Sunset Center Shows for levels Pre-K prefix-6 are on SUNDAY, May 28th. 

Kinder/Pre-K Levels: Your showcase will be in the morning of

Sunday, May 28th. You will not have a dress rehearsal.


Beginning+ Levels (Including Teen & Pre-Tween): Your dress rehearsal will be Saturday, May 27th,

with your showcase in the afternoon/evening of Sunday, May 28th. 


Dear Families,

We look forward to celebrating this fun and full spring season with you. 


This email contains important reminders for:

·        URGENT dance recital costume pick-up

·        2/1 non-refundable recital fee for all dance classes included in the 2023 recital 

(not labeled “no recital”), N/A Big Sur location

performances  at Sunset Center for recital)

·        Summer class schedule release, registration, & new format 

·        Summer camp registration (ongoing)* use incoming grade for 2023-24 school year

·        Recital email link from 2022:




If you have received an email from Dec.-*NOW* that your dance recital costume is in, please 

immediately :

a) make an appointment and pick-up your costume. We are unable to exchange most costumes for another size if it is past 14 days after arrival per costume company policy.  

b)  Check the link: 

to ensure you have received all the correct costume pieces for your dancer’s classes and are not missing any that go with your leotard base.

c) All Costume exchanges and new orders are not shipping to us until the beginning of May. All costumes pieces that were ordered after our initial costume order 10/1/2022  or sent back to be exchanged will most likely not arrive for optional solo shot photo day, 4/30. The ship dates are the earliest possible dates exchanges or new order ships.


d) Costumes can be pulled from our Rancho location and taken to our Mission & 8th location for you. We need 48 hours notice in order to do so. 



There is a $30 recital fee assessment per family for Pre-K-Level 6 classes performing at Sunset Center from our two Carmel Locations.  This will be charged 2/1 automatically on all accounts marked performing. The non-refundable recital fee for dance classes will help to defer staff and production costs outside of class time to run the shows. Our system will automatically charge your account if your account is marked YES performing, which means that you ordered a costume. If you have a costume and now have changed your performance status to “NO”, respond to this email today so that we may update our billing and let your child’s teacher know.


a)      ALL PRESCHOOL  CLASSES (including Preschool Musical Theater, N/A Big Sur Location):

Showcase Sat., JUNE 3rd

·        The $20 assessment for preschool prefix classes is “per performer”. This fee now includes an up to 10 attendee allotment per family. This recital is JUNE 3rd at our in-house theater at our Mission and 8th location. Please reserve the day. Each class will perform twice and then be released immediately after performing. Our updated plan now includes most classes performing alone so we could increase the number of attendees and stay under firecode. There are no tickets needed. Performance Schedule TBD. Each class is allotted 10 min. for their 2 min. recital piece. We hope this new format for our preschool dancers makes the performance experience accessible, relaxed, and FUN for our youngest dancers.


b)      ALL Pre-K-Level 6 CLASSES (no dance teams, senior solos included only)

SUNSET CENTER, Sunday May 28th SHOW, Saturday May 27th Dress Rehearsal for Levels BEG – LEVEL 6 ONLY, Kinder prefix classes don’t dress rehearse).   

  • TICKET RELEASE DATE: TUESDAY, MARCH 7th, 12 PM (cost range $22-$32 per ticket). There are no ticket maximums or limits. All ticket policies are that of Sunset Center.



A reminder that this fee does not include BIG SUR classes, musical theater, with the exception of musical theater preschool, Team TDC classes, theater production, or any classes that are non-performing. Ocean Grove or Yosemite Charter Families, please bring in a payment method for this by 2/1 or request on your PO. 

This information is regarding: 

  1. dance class recital costume ordering, google form response due by Sept 25th

  2. includes the required google form link at the end of this information, which applies to “dance classes” ages preschool prefix through Level 6 for our year-end dance recitals. 


This information does NOT apply to classes that have the following in the title: no recital, musical theater performance (with the exception of preschool musical theater), theater production, “2’s Too & Early 3’s”, Dancing Ninjas, adult ballet, or BIG SUR location (Big Sur, you will receive an additional email). 


Costume Ordering: 

It is that time of the year to order these recital costumes. Fees, costumes, and locations will be different this year to save our families money and eliminate most costume changes. Please read carefully. We would love to have your student/s join us for our end-of-the-year performances for dance classes. 


Google Form Link Directions, Due 9/25:

  1. If we do not receive a response via the google form (link below and above) by 9/25 (google form responses accepted only, no in-person or email replies), we assume your student is performing.

  2. A non-response will still INCLUDE your student in non-refundable costume ordering. 

  3. We ask you to email if your student is opting out of performing for certain classes (for example, only performing in 2 out of 3 enrolled classes); however, a google form must be submitted with sizing and a “yes.” 

  4. If you have multiple performers, submit the google form multiple times, once for EACH performer.


Recital Preliminary Information:

  1. Levels prefix KINDER (including Pre-K prefix) - Level 6 will perform recital at Carmel’s Sunset Center Memorial Day weekend, May 27-28th (not held on Memorial Day). Reserve the weekend day/s for dress rehearsals and recitals. Each class performs once on one day. 

    1. There is a cost for tickets sold through Sunset Center. Tickets will be $22-$32 depending on which show your child performs in and sold through Sunset Center. Release dates TBD. 


Note: There are dress rehearsals for the Beginning through Level 6 shows.  KINDER and PRE-K classes will not have a dress rehearsal, only their recital performance on Sunday, May 28th.


Note “Intro 5.5-8 yr. old” prefix and Beg/Kinder shared prefix classes will be part of the Beginning Recital and will dress rehearse on Saturday 5/27. 

  1. Preschool prefix class will have a recital on Saturday, June 3rd (please reserve the entire day).  We will hold a few classes at a time at our in-house theater at the by-the-sea location on Mission & 8th allowing the performance experience to be more accessible for our younger students. 

    1. Preschool prefix classes will not perform at Sunset Center. It was our hope this year to make the recital experience less intimidating for our youngest dancers. Please expect at the recital for a few classes to perform at a time and then be released. 


Changes from 2022 to 2023 recital:

  1. We have listened to the feedback; we will not be providing professional videography of our recital performance, so there will not be a media fee for each family. You are welcome to video your dancer’s performance while they are on stage. We do ask all families to be courteous and respectful of other families while doing so.  

  2. Preschool Recital: There will be a recital fee for the preschool performances (at $20 per performer assessed 2/1/23) that will take care of the staff, and production costs of running a day of shows). This will include a limited admission, for example, 3-4 people per performer to meet the fire code. There will be a ticket allotment passed out to your child in class as we get closer to the recital date. 

  3. Sunset Center Recital: There will be a recital fee of $30 per family assessed 2/1/23 that helps to take care of the cost of additional staffing costs for the production. 

  4. Competition team dances will no longer be included in the recital. These teams will have their own show, TBD. Senior team solos will be included in the recital performance. 

  5. There will be a photo day for solo, buddy, and sibling shots with Heidi Borgia Photography in the spring, April 30th.  Heidi coordinates and handles all of this information directly through her business; you will be receiving sign up options and more info directly from Heidi Borgia Photography.

  6. Assistants for Levels prefix preschool, pre-k, kinder, beginner, and intro to ages 5.5-8, will receive a gifted assistant leotard and skirt/or leggings to wear on stage (assistants perform on stage at recital, note what classes they assist for, for these prefix classes only.) 


Musical theater performance, theater production, and BIG SUR have their own end-of-year showings, dates, and costuming. More information is forthcoming. 


What if I drop the class or decide I don’t want to do recital anymore after the costume is ordered?:

Update for this year: We will maintain a "buy down" list, if you choose to switch or drop classes. 

*As long as the costume is kept in original packaging, we are able to provide a partial credit towards your account *only if* another student adds the same class and is the same size as your student. 


Please fill out our GOOGLE FORM for your recital RSVP no later than Sept 25th.


How do you know my child’s size?:

We will be measuring your child in class in the next two weeks. If your child is a team student or was measured through the nonprofit MPBT, we have their measurements.

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