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COVID-19 : What We Are Doing to Ensure the Health & Safety of Our Students

We would like to send an update on our mask and studio policies taking effect March 12th, 2022.

The state announced a mask mandate update for the schools and childcare sector.  The first day of in-class instruction without the mask mandate is Saturday, March 12, 2022.

Use of masks indoors is still strongly recommended, but will not be a requirement for students, staff, or faculty. Per the state, no distinction is made between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The Dance Center has consistently adhered to guidance from the California Department of Public Health and our county health department. We will follow the updated state masking repeal for childcare and schools (K-12), unless more restrictive measures are adopted by the Monterey County Health Department.

Mask wearing is still strongly recommended by the state (especially in counties with high-moderate spread) and is an option for every student, faculty, and staff member who wishes to wear one at any time.

The Dance Center will continue its COVID safe practices that include the following:

Symptoms: We continue to ask families/students if they are experiencing any cold/flu-like symptoms (sore throats, headaches, fevers, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc) to stay home from class. We ask those who have recently traveled to please take any extra precautions as well. Our teachers will be sending any students who have any symptoms to the front desk to be sent home if in class.

No Make up Classes:
We do not offer any make-up classes (indicated on our website at Tuition pays for a student’s spot in their class at that day and time. This additionally prevents the unneeded mixing of student groups in this pandemic time. 

Exposure: If your family (household) has experienced a positive exposure, we recommend that your family follow the CDC as well as your School’s guidelines on testing and quarantine.

Classroom precautions: We also take extra precautions for our student and faculty’s safety and health:
a) Exterior doors and windows remain open in your child’s class the entire time to introduce outdoor air. Help us by keeping the exterior doorways “clear and quiet” (of siblings/people) so as not to distract/pull focus from the class.
b) fans remain on high circulating fresh air from the top corners of every room
c) at least one medical-grade HEPA portable filter is on high 24/7 in every classroom
d) Additional purifiers and fans are near/in our restrooms, hallways, and lobbies (closed to family use).
e) Restroom use is limited to in-class students (family restroom key available outside our building)
f) As of March 12, 2022 masks are now optional but highly recommended in a youth/childcare/school setting (in areas with moderate-high spread) in CA and for Monterey County. As we have always followed the mandates, we invite our employees and students to make the choice. 

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