Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Studio Policies

The Dance Center

Make-up Policy 2018-2019

1)    Make-ups must be “scheduled” (for a select date with the month) within 1 week of the missed class.

2)    Make-ups must be prescheduled with the desk. Please do not arrive with your child to the studio with the expectation of attending a class without a prior make-up appointment.

3)    The ability to make-up in the class of your choice in not guaranteed. We may not have another class that has open enrollment that works in your schedule.

4)    Make-ups may not be scheduled in a class with FULL enrollment.

5)    Siblings may take make-ups for each other.

6)    There is no monetary value to make-ups.

7)    Make-ups are electronically generated when your dancer misses a class. Daily attendance is taken for every child, for every class in an online system. You do not have to request make-ups.

8)    Make-ups need to be completed within a timely fashion (within the month).

9)    You may select a class (with the help of the desk) in a level LOWER than your child takes (in the genre they take) but a HIGHER level class may not be taken. You can also select another genre to take a make-up in but realize your child may be in different level for this new genre.

Studio Policies

Food and Drinks: Food/drinks must remain in the lobby or in areas designated for eating.  Please refrain from eating in the studios and the bag drop area.  A water bottle is permitted in class, and TDC offers a water fountain with an automatic bottle refill feature to reduce environmental impact.

Gum: For the dancers’ safety, TDC is a “gum-free zone.”

Class Cancellation: TDC may need to cancel or move an existing class if there are less than 6 students.

Class Viewing:  All of our studios feature floor-to-ceiling windows that may be used for year-round viewing at the discretion of the instructor. We are happy to enable parents to watch their child’s enjoyment and progress in class without distracting from the learning process.