Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Jazz / Contemporary Intensive Guest Teachers

ALI PFLEGER  Ali was born and raised in the coastal city of Newport Beach, California. She began dancing at the age of 9. At age 13, Ali began apprenticing for a professional dance company based out of LA, called MusEffect, under the direction of Jessica Starr. She attributes her growth in dance to being thrown into a company where the majority of the dancers were around 6 years older than her. She was the youngest member ever inducted into the company and remains the youngest company member to this day. Living so close to LA, she has had the opportunity to dance for many artists such as Hailee Steinfeld and Alicia Keys, as well as brands such a Reebok and Gap. Ali attended Orange County High School of the Arts as a major in Commercial Dance, until she’d chose the online education route in order to more seriously pursue her dance career. Ali prides herself on her diverse training and exploration of such a wide array of dance styles that have greatly attributed to her own movement and teaching style. She assisted Intrigue Dance Intensive’s 2016-2017 tour, and through this opportunity, Ali found a love for education and creation that she is continuing to pursue. This past year, she has taught and choreographed throughout the United States, as well as Europe, Canada, and Costa Rica.
MEREDITH PENNINGTON Meredith Pennington is technique specialist who focuses on refining technique and movement quality. Her favorite styles to teach are jazz and lyrical. She has spent over 25 years working in the dance industry as a studio owner, dance educator, choreographer, adjudicator, consultant, blogger, performer, and National Director of dance competitions. She has been traveling across the country as a guest teacher and with national competitions for the last 23 years. Her vast range of experience gives her a unique insight into the dance industry and has also made her a competition expert. Alongside her mentor, she developed a method of training based on weight distribution and body placement that gets the most of out dancers in the shortest amount of time. Meredith believes technique is nothing without style and style is nothing without technique. Without technique as the framework, artistry cannot be strong, beautiful, or powerful. Her passion is teaching technical proficiency, clean lines and footwork, and how to apply the knowledge within movement with great musicality and timing to create quality of artistry. Her method of teaching how to dance hard and dance smart can be defined as “Dance Refined”. Meredith has been, and continues to be, a mentor with great influence on dancers across the country. Her dancers have consistently won titles and high point awards at competitions and conventions, as well as earning scholarships to professional dance schools, intensives, conventions, and universities. She has also had a student compete internationally earning the gold medal with Team USA in jazz/modern. Her sincere heart and genuine love for each dancer has kept her in touch with many students as they grow into adulthood with careers of their own. Her students have gone on to perform on awards shows, work in theatre, in television and film, on world tour productions, as well as becoming dance educators themselves. In addition to training dancers at home, teaching across the country, and traveling as the National Director of BravO! National Dance & Talent Competition, Meredith is currently working on her technique training guide, a book of progressions beginning through advanced, “Framework: Building Dancers Without Limits” that will be available for purchase in July 2019. Her blog, The Competitive Edge by Meredith, can be read on her page,, and on the NappyTabs Dancer’s Toolbox app.