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Musical Theater Performance Spring 2023 Showcase

Directed by Kieri Coombs & Beau Rodriguez


Stardust Company:


Alice In Wonderland Medley

Alice in Wonderland - I’m Late - Caucus Race - Very Merry Unbirthday - How Do You Do

Winnie The Pooh Medley

Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods - Rumbly in My Tumble - Tigger - 

Little Black Raincloud  -  Heffalumps and Woozles - Hooray for Pooh

If I Didn’t Have You 


Stardust Performers:

Alice Crudo - Charlotte Dobyns  - Coco Sanderson - Daniela Turi - Harper Leigh - Sierra Parisi Jasper Thompson - Livia Agha - Madeline Gamundi - Mia Turri - Michael Spence  

Niamh Sheehan - Paisley Crowell - Santino Turri - Sofie Breunesse

Class Assistant: Brielle Coombs


Starbright Company:

Ease on Down The Road

Wizard of Oz Medley

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Munchkinland - Follow The Yellow brick Road 

If I Only Had - Merry old Land of Oz

Peter Pan Medley 

You Can Fly - So to be One of Us -Your Mother and Mine - Walk the Plank  - I’ve gotta Crow 

Fly to your Heart


Starbright Performers: 

Adeline Robinson - Ayla Foster - Bobby Smith - Evren Dilsiz - Hannah Hueffmeier 

Hope Stratton - Junie Smith - Lilly Ferry - Lyric Black - Saffron Black - Malu Sotto Mayor  Marita Manrique - Prudence Dominguez - Rachel May - Siena Balestreri - Skyler Sand 

Tilden Sun-Sunslow - Wylie Kalinowski - Zhia Lazarick

Class Assistants: Kalina Wilford & Jocelyn Black


Starlight Company:

Happily Ever After 

Encanto Medley 

Family Madrigal - Under Pressure - We Don’t talk about Bruno  

What Else Can I Do - All of you - Dos Orugitas

Little Mermaid Medley 

Fathoms Below - Under The Sea - She’s In Love - Les Poissons - Positoovity 

Under The Sea (All company)

Starlight Performers:

Abby Chang - Abby Gaudette - Anthony Ramirez - Brayden Schwartz - Bryn Peterson Caitlyn Neves - Capri Christensen - Charlotte Malakan - Eleanor Allen - Emily Asturi EmmeDee Van Eeghen - Eva Alvarez - Faith Reamer - Grace Garry - Kaitlyn Scherer Kheila Indigo - Layala Iranmanesh - Maliya Patel - Mariam Shihadeh - Olivia Albertson Olivia Carr - Renee Jablonski - Samantha Cleary - Scarlett Montgomery  - Shelby Finaldi - Vivienne Merrell

Class Assistant: Ella Rasmussen


Broadway Bound JR Company:

Newsies Medley

Carrying The Banner - Watch What Happens - King of New York - Seize The Day

Mary Poppins Medley

Chim-Chiminey - Spoonful Of Sugar - Jolly Holiday - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Barnum Medley

Sucker Born Every Minute - Follow The Band - Bigger Isn’t Better - Join The Circus


BB JR Performers: 

Anya Griesser - Audriana Mills - Chloe Neves - Clara Coming - Desmond Weichers

Eleni Brand - Eliana Emerson - Ella Cleary - Ellie Gaudette - Emeline Langford

Emma Chang - Hannah Kirkwood - Jade Granberry - Juliette Spangler - Luke Nease Madleing Maunder - Maisie Kalinowski - Olivia Ford - Sam Ramirez - Sara Parker 

Sophia Berke - Sparrow Picard - Sydney Carr

Class Assistant - Ella Rasmussen


Broadway Bound SR Company 

I Want It All 

Thoroughly Modern Millie Medley

Modern Millie - Gimme Gimme - Forget About The Boy 

Dear Evan Hansen Medley

Waving Thru A Window - Only Us - You Will Be Found

Hairspray Medley

Good Morning Baltimore - Mama I’m A Big Girl - Ladies Choice - You Can’t Stop the Beat

Class Assistant: Kalina Wilford


BB SR Performers

Abby Frey - Addy Garry - Anna Rasmussen - Annie Coleman - Brielle Capiaux 

Calista Neves - Cece Saulnier - Emerson Adamski -Joey Cardinale - Katie Williamson Louisiana Montoya - Maia Messiah - Mary Spencer - Millie Toby - Pearl Croft

Radler Pinkerton - Ruby Iranmanesh - Sarah Ashby - Sean McGuirk

Sheighlyn Mccullough - Sofia Jarvis - Sunny Pelton

Class Assistant - Kalina Willford


Stellar Musical Theater

Greatest Showman

Come Alive -  Rewrite The Stars - Sparkling Diamonds 

Elephant Love Medley - Shut Up and Dance - We Share Everything


December Lullaby - Rumor in St. Petersburg - Learn to Do it - Once Upon a December 

Paris Holds the Key to your Heart - Journey To The Past

Ballroom Medley

Putting on the Ritz - Steppin Out - 

Best Things Happen When your Dancing - All of Me

Swing Time

Maybe My Baby Loves Me - I want to Go To Hollywood - Handful of Keys 

Sing Sing Sing Swing - I Love A Piano


Summer Lovin - Grease Lighting - We go together - Hopelessly Devoted 


Opening Up - Never Ever - Vacation - Hoedown


Speechless - Arabian Nights - One Jump - Friend Like Me - Whole New World


What is This Feeling - Defying Gravity - Dancing Through Life - For Good


Stellar Performers:

Amber Kane - Ashton Frye - Ayden Blackwell - Bella Taylor Shaw - Brielle Coombs

Cady Quinonez - Charlie Lassen - Claire reed - Daniela Foley - Dean Bullas - Ella Rasmussen Ellika Dwelle - Giada Tortorelli - Jacob Lehman - Jocelyn Black - Joseph Ashby  - Julius Worick Kalina Wilford - Kyla Macaluso - Luke Lassen - Mary Maunder - Pierson Holt

Richard Spencer Ruby D’Amico - Ruby Pelton - Sarai Casillas - Sophia Gulley

Summer Griffon - Tristen Harris  - Zachary Rasmussen

Specialty Choreography by Alyssa Kosan

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