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Recital Costume Pricing

How Much?:

The costume fees in the below spreadsheet will be added to your account and charged with the card on file on Oct 5th. 


In an effort to be financially advantageous for our families and to reduce costume changes backstage, we are simplifying costumes by assigning the same bases to multiple genres in level/s and adding pieces to these bases for different genres. 


Costume Plan:

You will see the terms “Base Item” which is the shared leotard or top amongst your levels classes. You will also see the term “Accessory” which means the changeable bottoms (ie: leggings, pants, lyrical skirt, tutu, tap skirt, shorts with attached skirt).


All costumes are nonrefundable, and we are unable to exchange/return them after they are purchased.

What if I drop the class or decide I don’t want to do recital anymore after the costume is ordered?:

Update for this year: We will maintain a "buy down" list, if you choose to switch or drop classes. 

*As long as the costume is kept in original packaging, we are able to provide a partial credit towards your account *only if* another student adds the same class and is the same size as your student.


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