Welcome the New TDC 2.0 Virtual Classes


What to See in Our New Platform

New to The Dance Center and want to enroll in our online classes?

We would love to have you! 1) Go to the top of this page and click on "Register Now" to create your parent and student account. 2) Email info@dancecarmel.com and let our staff know what classes you are interested in taking in our online platform. We are always here to help answer any and all questions you may have.

How do the online classes work?

Our online classes are held through our new platform on Thinkific. Your main dashboard in Thinkific will be the hub for your classes. All class videos and zoom meeting information will be in that class card. Starting this week, at your class time (or sometimes even before) you can log into your Thinkific account and select the class. From there you can either choose your recital music/choreo, or you can rewatch a class, or begin watching a new class. All classes are dated so you will know which class you are watching. At your class start time, you will begin with the zoom meeting (all links will be in your class card) with your instructor. The instructor will check in with their students in a face to face live video chat, and see what you are working on and give some assignments or set up for the class video to follow.

How can I create a Thinkific account to view/attend my already enrolled classes?

As we are finishing up the final stages of the TDC 2.0, please do the following to ensure you are able to access your accounts with ease. 1) click your class link that was emailed to you. (for the best results please use google chrome).
2) In the new page, in the top right corner click “Sign In”
3) Click “Create a New Account” (this only needs to be completed once).
4) Fill out your family information
5) Click Sign Up
6) Re-paste your class link - and in the banner select “Enroll for Free”
7) Paste all of your class links in the URL search to repeat the “Enroll for Free” option. This will put all of your classes under your account. Hopefully this helps! Thanks so much for your patience and we are ALWAYS here to assist.

How much is the tuition for TDC 2.0

Right now all of our online classes are free to currently enrolled students while our Shelter-In-Place Order through April 8th. This is to make up for the classes being missed. We will be sending out emails to our students as we have updates.

TDC 2.0 - Where are my zoom links? How do I access my Classes?

*We recommend using Google Chrome for accessing your classes in Thinkific. If you are using a Chromebook, for the best connection, use the Zoom Chrome Browser vs the App. *ZOOM 5.0 Update after May 30th will be required by Zoom to access the classes. Zoom Update Link

To continue with our efforts to increase our virtual class security, the zoom links will only be available in our Thinkific Platform. For security purposes, our office staff cannot directly email the zoom information to you.

To access your zoom links you will need to go through your secure Thinkific student dashboard. Visit: www.thedancecenter.thinkific.com/users/sign_in

You will use the username and password you have set up for this site. If you have not yet set up your account, or have forgotten your login information, please let our office staff know. They can set it for you if you need assistance.

Once you are logged in, you will see in your dashboard it will have your enrolled classes. You will click either “Start Course” or “Resume Course”.

In the next screen, depending on the device, you can scroll down and click on the class date/chapter and see the zoom link for the live portion of the class. Some devices you will need to click “Complete & Continue” or “Next Chapter” on the bottom right-hand side to get to the class date chapter.

We encourage you to do a trial run with enough time before class to ensure everything is working and to ensure there is not a rush before class.

You can also schedule a walk through with our office manager.

Our office manager asks for about 10-20minutes time for a walkthrough (it can be less time, but just to be safe).

Please let me know if you have any additional questions. We are here to help.

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