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About Team TDC

Please click here to download 2020 Convention and Competition Schedule.

Team TDC

Each year team candidates will be selected through a standardized audition process.  Evaluations and placements will allow each dancer’s passion for dance and ability to be showcased.  Our goal is to elevate and inspire each individual dancer’s abilities to help create a confident, empowered and well-rounded student.

We are excited to offer Mini – Senior jazz/contemporary/lyrical/musical theater teams, Ballet, Acro, Hip Hop and, Tap Competition Team.  All competition teams will have the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers from all over the United States.  The Artistic Directors of TDC, as well as the designated Team Coaches, will oversee each team.

Team Coaches

Mini Team

Junior Team

Youth Team- 

Teen Team- 

Tween Team

Senior Team- 

Tap Competition Team- 

Ballet Competition Team (Senior)-

Ballet Competition Team (Teen)- 

Hip Hop Competition Team-  

Acro Team (Teen)- 

Acro Team (Junior)- 

Solos, Duets, Trios, and Small Groups

Based upon the student’s desires, abilities, and commitment level, after conversation with the parent and child, the artistic directors and team coaches will collaborate on what the best path is for the dancer.  This decision will be based upon their maturity in technique as well as performance.  The artistic directors, as well as designated team coaches, will oversee the solos, duets, trios, and small groups.

Those selected for a solo, duets, trio, or small group will be required to complete a minimum of 30 minutes of private rehearsal with an appointed team coach or artistic director.


Annual Team Administration Fee

Team Acceptance Admin Fee

An annual fee of $125.00 will be processed with each team member’s acceptance to team TDC and is non-refundable. This fee will help to cover a very small portion of costs and team coaches travel/needs for all four competitions and conventions.

  • Team Coach’s mileage reimbursement
  • Team Coach’s food stipend
  • Team Coach’s salary compensation for competition/convention weekend

Planned Competition / Convention Schedule

Team TDC Directors and Coaches have research and selected three competitions and one convention for the 2019-2020 TDC competition season. TBA

  • Youth America Grande Prix

Estimated Team Choreography Fees

(The choreography fee will be due from all dancers on team.  If you are unable to attend the choreography session, due to a schedule conflict, your fee will still be due.  We will attempt to have someone stand in for the absent dancer if available.)

Team Group Dances: $125.00-150.00 per dance (fees can vary depending on choreographer)

Team Solos: $350.00-1000.00 (fees can vary depending on choreographer)

Team Duos: $200.00- 300.00 per dancer (fees can vary depending on choreographer)

Team Trios: $200.00- 250.00 per dancer (fees can vary depending on choreographer)

Small Groups: $150.00-200.00 per dancer (fees can vary depending on choreographer)

Estimated Team Costumes Fees

Solo Costumes: $100.00-500.00 (at the discretion of the Team Directors, Coach and parents)

Duo/Trio/Small Group: $100.00-150.00 (at the discretion of the Team Directors, Coach and all parents)

Large Group (senior, teen, junior, mini, ballet, tap): $100.00-125.00

These team (group) costumes are in stock sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL child/adult) and are not custom.

Necessary alterations will be done by an outside seamstress and by recommendation of the Team Coach.

Estimated Competition Fees

Group Dances $50.00-65.00 / dancer/ piece

Duos and Trios $65.00 / dancer/ piece

Solos $115.00-125.00 / solo

Hotel (if needed) $150.00-225.00 / night

A hotel room may not be necessary if all of your dancer’s pieces are competed on the same day.  Remember that the dancer will need to be onsite for competition at least 1 ½ hours prior to the scheduled stages time.  Competitions may run early and we would not want the dancer to be rushed, potentially injured or miss their time to shine on stage.

There is always an option to share a room with another Team TDC dancer and parent.  Be sure to explore avenues to make the weekend as cost effective as possible.


Estimated Convention Weekend Fees

Group Dances $55.00-65.00 / dancer/ piece

Duos and Trios $60.00-75.00 / dancer/ piece

Solos $105.00-135.00 / solo

Convention Classes $255.00-275.00 / student

Hotel $150.00-175.00 / night

Convention Classes or competition may begin on Friday afternoon or evening.  Classes and warm up also start very early on Saturday morning (approximately 7:30 am with a 7 am lobby meeting) therefore we strongly recommend checking in Friday PM to allow for a restful night prior to a full day of classes and competition Saturday.

Competition and Convention Schedule

Solo and all group competition could begin as early as Friday mid morning the weekend of a competition or convention.  It is our desire for dancers to remain in school on Friday; however if there is a change in the competition schedule, an early dismissal may be necessary.  Schedules for the competition portion are usually released from the program director 1-2 weeks prior to the registered competition weekend.

From experience, we recommended booking your hotel room as early as possible.  There have been occasions where dancers were not able to reserve a room due to delayed booking.  Reservation cancellation policies usually allow for 24-72 hour cancellations.

Team Make-up Policy 2019:

For 2019, is a revised make-up policy that assists in team growth. There is a 6 class make-up per month limit per student. The team class schedule is designed for ideal student growth when students attend their weekly class schedule.

  For example, jazz and contemporary team members who miss ballet make-up in ballet (not acro or hip-hop), who miss contemporary make-up in contemporary, who miss jazz make-up in jazz, and who miss turns and jumps may make-up in a ballet, contemporary, or jazz class. Acro team members who miss acro, make-up in an acro class, etc. The team class schedule is intended to grow technique in class specific genre for your team.

Make-ups may be taken in a level BELOW or AT your current level.  If no genre for genre trade exists for make-ups, a technique class in ballet, jazz, or contemporary will suffice.  Absences from team classes (rehearsal) do not generate make-ups. Rehearsal cannot be made-up.