2020 Summer Tuition

Make-up, Drop-in, and Placement COVID Policy:

Due to the health and safety of our students and employees, for the short-term, there will be no class make-ups, no drop-ins, private placements only  (must be done privately or in a camp) as we are limiting the mixing of students.

Absence Policy:

There will no prorate for missed classes for sick students or those on break. Your spot is paid for and unable to be filled by another student.

Acro Pricing:

Due to a reduced classroom capacity for COVID best practices for acro, this genre of the class is priced in full as the first-hour pricing whether 60+ or more minutes. There will be a $5 per class fee added for a $20 per month tuition surcharge.

- Summer 2020 Class Tuition -

Monthly Tuition Schedule (applicable per student not cumulative per family)

First month’s tuition will be due at the time of class registration. 0.75 hours per week* $65.00 1st hour per week* $76.00 2nd hour per week* $72.00 3rd hour per week* $68.00 4th hour per week* $64.00 5th hour per week* $60.00 6th hour per week* $56.00 7th hour per week* $52.00 8th hour per week* $52.00 9th hour per week* $52.00 10th hour per week* $52.00 *Please add the ascending per hour numbers to calculate your monthly tuition. The 15, 30, and 45 minute increments will be charged at 25, 50 or 75% of the proceeding hour per week rate.

Rate Guide

2 hours per week= $148.00 3 hours per week= $216.00 4 hours per week= $280.00 5 hours per week= $340.00 6 hours per week= $396.00 7 hours per week= $448.00 8 hours per week= $500.00 9 hours per week= $540.00

Family Discount

10% off total monthly tuition for each additional child. Private lesson fees are not included in the Family Discount Package.

Drop In / Single Class Fee Schedule

In the interest of maintaining stable student groups, we will no longer be able to permit make-ups or drop-ins. Placements, if needed, will be done privately. Due to the reduced capacity of classes to accommodate social distancing, we are unable to prorate, as your dancer’s spot is paid, in a reduced capacity class, for the entirety of the session.

Tuition Payments

Please note, your child is not formally registered until the tuition is paid in full. Our system will drop your registration unless it is paid within 24 hours of sign-up. If payment has been processed, your student has been fully enrolled and their spot will be held. It is the policy of TDC to accept the following forms of payment: electronic payment through Studio Director, credit card or debit card through TDC, check, cashier’s check, or money order. TDC will process private lesson fees through Studio Director by cash, check or credit card on file, at the time the service is rendered. Insufficient Check or Transaction Fee $25.00 Late Payment (if not received before the 5th of each month) $25.00 Additional Late Payment (if not received before the 15th) $25.00 If more than one insufficient check is processed, TDC will request payment by cashier’s check, money order or electronic processing through Studio Director.

Cancellation Policy

All summer camps and classes are non-refundable.
We base our staffing on numbers for the week, so we are unable to offer tuition refunds/credits for any summer camp.