Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Recital Costumes, Hair & Makeup

Recital Hair:

-All JAZZ Levels: left part low ponytail (please secure bangs back)

-All CONTEMPORARY Levels and Advanced Improv: Left part low ponytail (please secure bangs back)

(Jazz/contemporary or mixed genre classes left part low ponytail)

-Beginning BALLET and Up & All POINTE Levels: Left part, low bun with hairnet (please secure bangs back)

-ALL TAP left part, low bun with hairnet (Please secure bangs back)

-All PRESCHOOL: Half up, half down (suggestion to secure bangs so the face can be seen on stage) 

-All KINDER Classes: Half up, half down (suggestion to secure bangs so the face can be seen on stage)

-All HIP-HOP/Breaking: Left part, low ponytail  (Please secure bangs back)

-All ACRO Levels: Left part, low BUN  (Please secure bangs back )

-All MUSICAL THEATER: Half up, Half down, per Mrs. Kieri 

-All BOYS HAIR: Well groomed and styled as you would wear it

-ALL TEAMS – hair as directed for the identified costume for competition 



(“Left part means”: that the parting line of the hair is over the left eyeball with the hair sweeping to the right side)


Recital Makeup:

Preschool and Kinder Program: Makeup NOT NECESSARY 

All beginning levels and up require “light” makeup

- brown tone / neutral eye shadow

- mascara

- eyeliner

- blush

- lipstick (wine or merlot in color)


Competition teams: Please use your team makeup, eyelashes are not necessary for photos.


Recital Tights and Shoes 

(All shoes and tights are “in stock” at Zearly, in the Crossroads- open 10am-6pm, 7 days a week):

- ALL TAP – who have a dress costume vs pants … teen/tween & beginner/adv beg/beg tap BLACK footed or adaptatoe Bloch Endura “light tan” tights 

- Sat. 11 am Beg/Adv Beg Tap, Jazz, & Contemporary: Bloch Endura Adaptatoe, “light tan” tights with TAN Leather Jazz Shoes/BLACK Jazz Shoes with black socks for BOYS for pictures and for recital, ALL bring tap shoes too)

-All Jazz Levels Beg. & up: Bloch Endura Adaptatoe, “light tan” tights with TAN Leather Jazz Shoes (boys=if pants black jazz shoes, shorts tan jazz shoes)

-All Contemporary Levels Beg. & up: Bloch Endura “light tan” Adaptatoe or FOOTLESS- if adapt-a-toe roll under to calve height or footless light tan tights or Endura Footless, light tan tights / Contemporary Half Caps, boys = barefoot 

- Teen/Tween Contemporay/Jazz Tues. 6:30 pm: contemporary/jazz adapatoe Bloch “endura light tan” tights and wear contemporary caps and tights rolled under for pictures at calf; however: for recital, wear jazz shoes and tights pulled over foot

-Beginning Ballet and Ballet 1: Bloch “Ballet Pink” Endura-footed or Adapt A Toe Tights, PINK ballet shoes

-Ballet 2 and Up & Teen/Tween Ballet/all pointeCapezio Mesh Ballet Pink Transition Tight “Light Pink” w/ mock seam, pink ballet shoes

All Preschool: Tights included with costume, “Ballet Shoes for photos, BLACK tap shoes for recital”

All Kinder: Tights included with costume

Kinder Tap/Ballet: Wear Ballet Shoes to photos with given tights.  FOR RECITAL BALLET AND TAP SHOES WILL BE USED.

Kinder Contemporary/Jazz: wear tan jazz shoes for girls and black jazz shoes for Kinder boys 

Kinder Hip-hop/Jazz: GIRLS- wear endura light tan footed tights with tan jazz shoes, BOYS black jazz shoes with black socks no tights

All Hip Hop Beg & Up: No tights, hip hop shoes as required for class (color of your choice) low socks not showing above the shoe 

All Acro Levels: No tights, barefoot

All Musical Theater

     MT Boys: grades K-5 BOYS BLACK jazz shoes w black socks

     MT Girls Grade K-5: TAN Jazz Shoes Bloch Endura, “light tan”, Adapt-a-toe tights

     MT Teen Girls 9th-12th: character shoes you currently own, Bloch Endura, “light tan,” Adapt-a-toe tights

     MT Tween Girls Gr. 6-8th: character shoes (as previously discussed w Kieri), Bloch Endura, “light tan,” Adapt-a-toe tights

MT Boys 6-12th Gr. : Refer to in-class directions by Mrs. Kieri

ALL TEAMS: Shoes & Tights/or no tights exactly as required for competition for your piece identified for photos/or recital