Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes


The Dance Center is excited to announce our 2020 Performance Showcase will be held at Carmel’s Sunset Center on Saturday, June 13th.  There will be one Intermediate through Advanced Showcase at 4 pm, AM Preschool and Kinder Showcase at 10 am, and a 1pm Beginning and Adv Beginning Showcase.

Sunset Center

9th Ave & San Carlos Street- Carmel, CA 93921


2019 Recital Information Letter Below:

Dear TDC Families,

This is an IMPORTANT email regarding costumes and recital and costs/dates. The classes the below email DOES NOT APPLY TO are Musical Theater (spring showcase in May @ Shoreline Church/dates TBA), 2’s Too!, Body Power, Team Classes (using costumes already ordered), & Adult Classes.

However, Musical Theater and “2’s Too!” classes do participate in photo weekend. See details and dates.

  • Please DON’T respond to this email if a “YES” for recital.
  • RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL “NO” by THIS MONDAY., 10/1, if “unable” to participate in our end of the year recital (TBA  at Carmel’s Sunset Center). “NO” means costume/s will not be ordered for your child, and there is no charge.

COSTUME PAYMENT COLLECTED 10/15, non-refundable:

  1. Our staff measured students (we add ½ inch for growth), and recital costumes will automatically be ordered ($65 per costume and credit cards processed on-file on 10/15) for levels PRESCHOOL or higher.
  2. If you are a cash/check family or OG/INSPIRE Charter Family, ensure your costume payment is dropped off to office manager Bethany before 10/25. We do need all payment for all costumes by 10/15.
  3. COST OF COSTUMES, charged 10/15 at $65 per costume (see below for costume duplication for select classes).
  4. Preschool and Kinder costumes include tights where applicable.


  • Note: If you are thinking about ADDING/CHANGING a class, later than 10/15, a costume may NOT arrive/be sold out in time for PICTURE WEEKEND (TBA) and/or the show. There will be a single ship fee of $15 per costume or more, if the costume is available.
  • Costumes are not able to be swapped one class for another, returned, or refunded.
  • Alterations are the responsibility of the family (costumes are standard sizing, and your child may be in between sizes).


  • Recital is EARLIER this year! MARK CALENDARS: TBA with TBA shows at Carmel’s Sunset Center. Each class performs ONCE in ONE SHOW.
  1. TBA 6 PM SHOW (levels Int. + includes Teen/Tween, Ballet 2+)
  2. TBA 10 AM Preschool/Kinder Show
  3. TBA 2 PM Beg./Adv. Beg. Show (includes up to levels Ballet ½)
  4. TBA 6 PM (levels Int. + includes Teen/Tween, Ballet 2+)
  5. When the exact show order is posted for classes, you will receive an email.
  6. PHOTO WEEKEND IS TBA for all classes, including 2’s Too! & Musical Theater.  There is no financial obligation to participate in photo weekend & be pictured with your class.  (More info. to come on photo weekend & show video purchases.)
  7. MUSICAL THEATER has their own show at Shoreline Church stage and does not participate in this weekend (MT performing groups Grades 8-12 do perform the pre-show in the Sunset Center Courtyard. Mark these dates and times).


(For example, a dancer taking pointe prep, ballet 2/3, and ballet 3 needs 1 costume for all 3 dances.)

  1. Preschool and Kinder classes all have DIFFERENT costumes this year.
  2. All classes leveled BEG and above in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Acro, & Pointe have the same costumes within the same level/genre.
  3. Ballet costumes levels BEG Ballet – Ballet 5/6 are styles of black leotards with varying styles of skirts/tutus.
  4. Ballet classes that share the SAME costumes: Ballet 4 +5 & Ballet 5/6 share with Adv. & Int. Pointe; Ballet ¾ & 4 share with Beg./Int. & Beg. Pointe; & Pointe Prep shares with Ballet 2/3 & 3; and Ballet 1 shares with Ballet ½ & Sat. 12 PM “Beg. Ballet/Ballet 1”


  1. Tickets are sold through Carmel’s Sunset Center. The buy per family is initially limited for two weeks (approx. estimate 4-5 per family, an exact number is assigned once the number of performers per show is known). After two weeks, tickets then open for UNLIMITED BUYING. The cost per ticket is $18.50 for the Preschool/Kinder show and $25 for all other shows. Lap children 2 & under are free. (All dancers arrive backstage prior to the start of their show and released together at the end of each show.)
  2. Last year, there were more tickets available for every show. Each family was able to purchase as many as they needed. Tickets are sold through and seating assigned by Carmel’s Sunset Center online. Sunset Center typically releases tickets 6-8 weeks before the show. You will receive an email.


Dress rehearsals are TBD. A schedule will be emailed. Note: Kinder & Preschool 10 AM show DOES NOT have a dress rehearsal.

We can’t wait to see the students shine onstage! All classes run through May 31st. This is the end of our school year. We then transition to our summer intensive/camp schedule with a modified summer class schedule. This requires a separate registration.

With Warmth & Gratitude,

TDC Front Desk Staff

Bethany Ambrosia, Office Manager & Recital Costume Coordinator

Tia Brown Rosenblum & Laura Jeselnick, Co-owners

The Dance Center
26135 Carmel Rancho Blvd, Building B
Carmel, CA 93923
Phone / Fax: 831-625-DANCE