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Kieri Coombs

Kieri CoombsKieri Coombs has been teaching in the performing arts for over 30 years. Her true passion is instructing and inspiring young performers to put forth their personal best in all that they do–on and off the stage.  As graduate of BYU’s prestigious musical theater and dance department, Kieri jumped right into teaching high school and then acted as Creative Director for a non-profit performing arts company (Performing Groups for Youth), which she later took over and made her own.  She has freelanced throughout her life in film and stage and has extraordinary experience in vocal coaching, choreography, theater directing, and comprehensive show production. Kieri believes that the creative arts are an incredible pathway in which to build the child.  Her classrooms are designed to be fun, exciting, and inspire each student to discover the talents within them. Her unique teaching style is energetic, positive, and fueled by a genuine love for the students she teaches. Kieri recently transplanted from Sacramento to the peninsula with her husband Matt and five children.