Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Emily Gray

Emily Freeman

Emily’s 25 years of dance instruction is informed by her specialization in classical and contemporary ballet, modern dance, partnering, dance composition, jazz, and tap. At TDC, she instructs intermediate ballet and is the core of our Adult Ballet Program. Her teaching philosophy places emphasis on musicality, artistic expression, self-confidence, and injury prevention. Emily trained with renowned teachers and choreographers such as Anne and Nicholas Polajenko, Alexander Minz, Olga Kotzritsky, Gilbert Rome, Basil Thompson, Margo Sappington, and Regina Larkin. She served as Discovery Dance Group’s Assistant to the Director and Director of the Junior Company. Concurrently, she performed professionally with Houston’s Discovery Dance Group under the direction of her mentors, Camille Long Hill and Pamela Stockman.

Since moving back to the Monterey Peninsula, Emily instructs ballet locally and is also a certified Pilates instructor and massage therapist. Her family includes two adult children (who reside in Southern California), a beautiful seven-year old daughter, and her husband Greg–a winemaker at Hahn Family Wines.