Dress Rehearsal Information

Please click the link above to download the recital dress rehearsal schedule for the 2020 Showcase.

A reminder that the Saturday Preschool and Kinder Show (10 am) does not dress rehearse.  


The 12:30 pm Beg / Adv Beg Showcase, as well as the 4 pm Intermediate through Advanced Showcase, will all dress rehearse at Sunset Center on Friday, June 12th (times TBA).  


Please plan to drop your dancer off at the backstage entrance for their call time.  


All dancers will be released at the end of their rehearsal block.  

If you would like to wait for your dancer you are welcome to do so outside the backstage doors; this will allow all of the dancers to have adequate space to prepare for their Recital Showcase.

Recital Video Links

The Dance Center is very excited to work with Beem Videography to offer a digital media download of all Recital Showcase Performances!  

All families participating in the TDC Recital Showcase will be charged a $25.00 media fee on March 15th, 2020.  This will allow them to download all Showcase Performances (by email link).

We looked at our records as a whole over the last few years and saw nearly every family was ordering not just one DVD but multiple copies at $30 each. As an effort to save families money and eliminate waste, the download option gives every family a professional quality video of their child with unlimited downloads. 

Families will also not have to use their devices during recital (in an attempt to not purchase) and potentially cause disturbance to the person next to them. We have received complaints in the past. This lets every family be in the moment and respectful of the audience members next to them.