Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Tween Preparatory Dance Program

Tween/Junior High Preparatory Program (approx. 5th-8th grade):

Tween/Junior High Prep Ballet (1 hr.)

Tween/Junior High Prep Jazz (1 hr.)

Tween/Junior High Prep Tap (1 hr.)

Advanced Beginning Contemporary (1 hr.)

Tween/Junior High Prep Hip-Hop (approx. 5th-8th grade) (1 hr.)


This program is designed for tween/junior high students (5th-8th grade) who are interested in beginning or restarting their dance training.  Students will have an opportunity to learn, create, and express alongside their peers in Tween/Junior High ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop classes.  Tween/Junior High students interested in contemporary dance may enroll in the “Advanced Beginning Contemporary” class. It is suggested our Junior High/Tween contemporary students concurrently enroll in a Tween/Junior High ballet and/or a Tween/Junior High jazz class to supplement the contemporary class.