Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Beginning Ballet, Jazz, and Tap

(1.5 hrs.)

This beginning-level 1.5 hr. class is a sampling of the core dance genres (ballet, jazz, and tap) for dance students in 1st-4th grades (approx.).  This intersectional instruction will instill classical and urban dance foundations while creating connections and highlighting contrasts in dance terminology, movement qualities, and body placement. This “mix” is a great class for boys and young musical theater students who may not want the formalism of a traditional ballet class but need a classical foundation in order to successfully develop a strong jazz and tap technique.  Students are challenged develop musicality through an integrated movement vocabulary while conveying emotion and intention.  This class includes a focused flexibility warm-up and incorporates multi-genre choreography–including Broadway-influenced jazz and tap.  Students are welcome to bring all 3 shoes styles (preferred) or wear ballet shoes for jazz (or visa-versa) but do need level-appropriate tap shoes. Please see the shoe link for further details.