Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

TDC Summer Standard Class Schedule


(please see images of the schedule below)

TDC Summer Session 1

TDC 2018 Summer Schedule FINAL (Session 2)

Dear TDC Parents:
We are excited to release the SUMMER CLASS SCHEDULE (attached) for registration beginning MON., APRIL 16th online, via phone, via email, or in person. The current 2017-2018 school year class schedule ends May 31st. Please take the next couple of days to review the summer class schedule attached. Directions for “what levels” are at the END of this email.

During the summer, we significantly reduce our class offerings as many families are out-of-town or attending TDC camps/intensives during the day. We are CLOSED for classes Fri./Sat. during our 8 weeks of summer classes.

There are two, 4 week summer sessions of classes. Our 2017-2018 school year session ends May 31st and Summer Classes begin on June 11th-August 3rd. Summer tuition is due in full upon registration for summer session/s. We do NOT bill monthly tuition for summer.

For the summer, families may use their make-ups freely ALL 8 weeks of summer verses our make-up policy during the year (all make-ups must be booked within 1 week but not necessarily taken then). Please remember to contact our front desk by emailing to book make-ups. (Please do not show-up to an intended make-up class without prior booking as dancers are not permitted to make-up in a class with full enrollment.)

Summer is a great time to take with friends who are new to TDC! In the summer, there is no student registration fee for summer classes!

Please note, our 2, 4 week sessions of SUMMER CLASSES are IN ADDITION to our SUMMER CAMP schedule (which we have previously released and is filling), and YES, we do prorate for camp days if you are leaving or returning from vacation). Summer camps and classes must be paid in full to complete the registration process.

If your child wants to try a NEW GENRE they are not currently enrolled in—please ask us and we will let you know what level they need to enroll in for the summer.

  1. 1)  For summer, if your child is “2’s,Too!” Preschool, or Kinder, enroll for these levels by age and what school year they are GOING into (ie: if you child is still 2 for first summer session, they STAY in 2’s for that session).
  2. 2)  If your child receives a promotion to pointe in the coming weeks, (ie: new to pointe), pointe prep IN TANDEM with two ballet technique classes is required-it is a 4 hour per week time commitment)—pointe promotions are forthcoming post spring break.
  3. 3)  All other students enroll in the class level for summer that they are CURRENTLY enrolled in …
  1. 4)  with the exception of current “pointe prep” students (check with your teacher whether you need to take POINTE PREP & BEG POINTE, BEG POINTE, or POINTE PREP this summer).
  2. 5)  All students in Ballet 2 or Ballet 2/3 may take the “Pointe Prep Tech (Levels 2 & 2/3)” –it is a ballet technique class on flat and is intended for all students in those ballet levels (it is NOT a pointe class—the class labeled “Pointe Prep” is the pointe class that must be taken with formal promotion only and in tandem with a min. of two ballet technique classes.
  3. 6)  In rare cases, there may be an occasional exception to taking the CURRENT level your dancer is in; if you think your child would fall into this category, please contact, so we may check in with the child’s teacher/s for summer.

Placements for the 2018-2019 should be out late May and will be emailed to each family based on the genres they took this past year. Please also anticipate FALL REGISTRATION post recital, late May.

With Appreciation & Love,

Your TDC Front Desk Staff &
Tia Brown & Laura Jeselnick Co-owners