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TDC Schedule of Classes

TDC 2018-2019 Schedule of Classes

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Make-up Policy 2018-2019

          1) Make-ups must be scheduled (for a select date with the month) within 1 week of the missed class. Make-ups not scheduled (but not taken) within a week of the class are no longer valid.

  • 2) Make-ups must be prescheduled with the desk. Families are responsible for tracking the
    date of absence and the class. The front desk will verify with our records.
    3) Please do not arrive with your child to the studio with the expecta$on of a%ending a
    class without a prior make-up appointment. The class may be full.
    4) The ability to make-up in the class of your choice in not guaranteed. We may not have
    another class that has open enrollment that works in your schedule. Students should be
    attending their enrolled class on a regular basis.
    5) Make-ups may not be scheduled in a class with FULL enrollment.
    6) Siblings may take make-ups for each other.
    7) There is no monetary value to make-ups.
    8) Make-ups are electronically generated when your dancer misses a class. Daily
    attendance is taken for every child, for every class in an online system. You do not have
    to request a make-up if they miss. However, this make-up must be scheduled within a
    9) Make-ups need to be completed within a $mely fashion (within a month) and booked
    within a week.
    10) You may select a class (with the help of the desk) in a level LOWER than your child takes
    (in the genre they take) but a HIGHER level class may not be taken. You can also select
    another genre to take a make-up in but realize your child may be in different level for
    this new genre.
    11) Make-ups may not take the place of enrollment in a class nor will retain a registered
    spot. Enrollment is a 10-month school year Aug. 13-May 31st.
    12) Students must be currently enrolled at TDC to make-up in a class.
    If you need help selecting a class, just ask desk staff! Book make-ups by emailing