Acrobatics / Tumbling

Acrobatics is a beautiful fusion of dance technique and the precision/athleticism of acrobatic elements. 

Our program teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class.  Basic acrobatic movements focus on developing a strong foundation that will allow students to learn more advanced tricks and skills.  Acro students will be taught to blend musicality, expression, line, and extension through choreographed acrobatic and dance context

Acro Placement Guidelines (for the safety of students)

Beg Acro - 1st -3rd grade (If younger, by instructor evaluation only)

Introductory: works on backbends, cartwheels, round-offs, forward and backward rolls, straddle rolls, handstands, and will know concepts of backbends kick-over and front limber with a spot


Advanced Beginning Acro (Level 1) - (By placement)

Has front, straddle, and back rolls, has backbends, works towards standing backbend (no spot), works on dive rolls, works towards independent front and back walkovers (no spot), works on one-handed cartwheels, works on dive cartwheels, and works on front limbers & backbend kick-overs

Intermediate Acro (Level 2 - 3) - (By placement)

Has front and back walkovers without a spot (at least one and nearly has other), working on aerial preps and with a spot, works towards handsprings front and back with a light spot (will have 1 within the course), and backward rolls/straddle rolls to press handstand

Advanced Acro (Levels 4-5) - (By placement)

Must have BOTH front and back walkovers (without a spot), close to ariel without a spot/preferred ariels, must have front or back handsprings (at least 1 without a spot and close to the other), works on Valdez or has Valdez, and works on fulls/layouts/back & front tucks


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