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Recital Photoshoot Information



Dear Families, 

  • Please find the photo shoot schedule attached. Expect an email from Heidi Borgia photography that has all the details that you will need to know for ordering from her business  (pre-orders accepted only) and details for the weekend.  There is no financial obligation to appear in group photos. These group photos will appear in a class picture memory book that every performer will receive. 

    Tips for success:

    1) Do NOT wait until “the week of” to purchase your tights and double check you have the correct shoes 

    2) Arrive 20 minutes before your photo time READY (see hair/make-up tights below)/ class photos will not be delayed or retaken for late/missing students 

    3) Wait outside for your child after group photos (studio 5) 

    4) Walk them to solo shots wait outside (studio 4) only after ALL your group shots are done 

    5) Use the “changing tents” in the courtyard and the public restrooms under Wells Fargo- the studio will be locked as live photography is occurring.

    6) 2’s, Too! classes will not perform in recital but are welcome to take group photos and dress as creatively as they wish with their ballet shoes on.

    Contained in this email are photo shoot/recital:

    A) hair 

    B) make-up

    C) shoes & tights 

    Photo Shoot & Recital Hair:

    -All JAZZ Levels: left part low ponytail (please secure bangs back)

    -All CONTEMPORARY Levels and Advanced Improv: Left part low ponytail (please secure bangs back)

    (Jazz/contemporary or mixed genre classes left part low ponytail)

    -Beginning BALLET and Up & All POINTE Levels: Left part, low bun with hairnet (please secure bangs back)

    -ALL TAP left part, low bun with hairnet (Please secure bangs back)

    -All PRESCHOOL: Half up, half down (suggestion to secure bangs so the face can be seen on stage) 

    -All KINDER Classes: Half up, half down (suggestion to secure bangs so the face can be seen on stage)

    -All HIP-HOP/Breaking: Left part, low ponytail  (Please secure bangs back)

    -All ACRO Levels: Left part, low BUN  (Please secure bangs back )

    -All MUSICAL THEATER: Half up, Half down, per Mrs. Kieri 

    -All BOYS HAIR: Well groomed and styled as you would wear it

    -ALL TEAMS – hair as directed for the identified costume for competition 



    (“Left part means”: that the parting line of the hair is over the left eyeball with the hair sweeping to the right side)


    Photo Shoot/Recital Makeup:

    Preschool and Kinder Program: Makeup NOT NECESSARY 

    All beginning levels and up require “light” makeup

    - brown tone / neutral eye shadow

    - mascara

    - eyeliner

    - blush

    - lipstick (wine or merlot in color)


    Competition teams: Please use your team makeup, eyelashes are not necessary for photos.


    Photo Shoot/Recital Tights and Shoes 

    (All shoes and tights are “in stock” at Zearly, in the Crossroads- open 10am-6pm, 7 days a week):

    - ALL TAP – who have a dress costume vs pants … teen/tween & beginner/adv beg/beg tap BLACK footed or adaptatoe Bloch Endura “light tan” tights 

    - Sat. 11 am Beg/Adv Beg Tap, Jazz, & Contemporary: Bloch Endura Adaptatoe, “light tan” tights with TAN Leather Jazz Shoes/BLACK Jazz Shoes with black socks for BOYS for pictures and for recital, ALL bring tap shoes too)

    -All Jazz Levels Beg. & up: Bloch Endura Adaptatoe, “light tan” tights with TAN Leather Jazz Shoes (boys=if pants black jazz shoes, shorts tan jazz shoes)

    -All Contemporary Levels Beg. & up: Bloch Endura “light tan” Adaptatoe or FOOTLESS- if adapt-a-toe roll under to calve height or footless light tan tights or Endura Footless, light tan tights / Contemporary Half Caps, boys = barefoot 

    - Teen/Tween Contemporay/Jazz Tues. 6:30 pm: contemporary/jazz adapatoe Bloch “endura light tan” tights and wear contemporary caps and tights rolled under for pictures at calf; however: for recital, wear jazz shoes and tights pulled over foot

    -Beginning Ballet and Ballet 1: Bloch “Pink” Endura-footed or Adapt A Toe Tights, PINK ballet shoes

    -Ballet 2 and Up & Teen/Tween Ballet/all pointeCapezio Mesh Ballet Pink Transition Tight “Ballet Pink” w/ mock seam, pink ballet shoes

    All Preschool: Tights included with costume, “Ballet Shoes for photos, BLACK tap shoes for recital”

    All Kinder: Tights included with costume

    Kinder Tap/Ballet: Wear Ballet Shoes to photos with given tights.  FOR RECITAL BALLET AND TAP SHOES WILL BE USED.

    Kinder Contemporary/Jazz: wear tan jazz shoes for girls and black jazz shoes for Kinder boys 

    Kinder Hip-hop/Jazz: GIRLS- wear endura light tan footed tights with tan jazz shoes, BOYS black jazz shoes with black socks no tights

    All Hip Hop Beg & Up: No tights, hip hop shoes as required for class (color of your choice) low socks not showing above the shoe 

    All Acro Levels: No tights, barefoot

    All Musical Theater

         MT Boys: grades K-5 BOYS BLACK jazz shoes w black socks

         MT Girls Grade K-5: TAN Jazz Shoes Bloch Endura, “light tan”, Adapt-a-toe tights

         MT Teen Girls 9th-12th: character shoes you currently own, Bloch Endura, “light tan,” Adapt-a-toe tights

         MT Tween Girls Gr. 6-8th: character shoes (as previously discussed w Kieri), Bloch Endura, “light tan,” Adapt-a-toe tights

    MT Boys 6-12th Gr. : Refer to in-class directions by Mrs. Kieri

    ALL TEAMS: Shoes & Tights/or no tights exactly as required for competition for your piece identified for photos/or recital


Saturday 1:15 pm solo photo start time.  Solo shots should be taken after group shots are completed.  If you have a short break between classes please be sure to go ahead and get ready for your next group photo.  Please DO NOT get into the solo photo line as you will potentially miss your class shot while you are waiting to get your solo photographs.  Be sure all dancers know what costumes they should be dressed in for their solo photo or photos.

All photo information will be coming directly from Heidi Borgia Photography.  The Dance Center is only the scheduler for the photo shoot session.  All transactions and communication are through Heidi Borgia Photography.  Emailed information and registration info coming soon.



2017-2018 Photo Shoot Schedule Sheet1 (2)

2017-2018 Photo Shoot Schedule Sheet1 (2)