Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes – Carmel California Dance Lessons Classes

Recital Schedule

The Dance Center is excited to announce our 2018 Performance Showcase will be held at Carmel’s Sunset Center Saturday and Sunday, May 26-27th.  There will be a 2pm and a 6 pm show both days.

Sunset Center

9th Ave & San Carlos Street- Carmel, CA 93921


TICKETS FOR TDC RECITAL SHOWCASE 2018 WILL GO ON SALE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th.  Families will be limited to an initial 5 ticket purchase for each show.  Wednesday, May 9th, any unpurchased tickets will open to public sale for any family to purchase additional tickets.

Dress rehearsals will be held on Thursday and Friday PM 5/24-5/25.  Normal classes will not be held 5/24-5/27.  The studio will be closed 5/28, Memorial Day, and reopen 5/29-5/31.

Recital Class Breakdown by Day

Recital 2018 Lineup 

Team Solo Medley Breakdown

Sat 2 pm show

Medley 1: Kennedy Rutherford, Nina McCarthy, Evan Vitiello, Ruby Maxion, Sophie KnightAshlyn Rossi, Delphinia Hayward, Grace Lino, Norah Takehara

Medley 2: Ashlyn Rossi, Delphinia Hayward, Grace Lino, Norah Takehara

Saturday 6 pm show

 Medley 1: Gift of a Friend, Abby Paschal, Lauren Williams, Norah Takehara, Molly Bufkin, Human, Madeleine Nowak, Grace Lino

Medley 2: Ruby Maxion, Natalie Powell, Wear Em Out, Cecilia Yu, Alex Zurlinden, Elizabeth Enterline, Call to Arms, Melina Pappas, Ashlyn Rossi

Sunday 2 pm show

Medley 1: Chloe Stickler, Elysia Razavi, Melina Pappas, Sophie Knight, Norah Takehara

Medley 2: Ruby Maxion, Grace Lino, Ashlyn Rossi

Medley 3: Nina McCarthy, Game of Survival

Sunday 6 pm show

Medley 1: Kennedy Rutherford, Getaway Car, Annushka Veliko-Shapko, Bipolar, Evan Vitiello, Nina McCarthy, Mia Schlenker, Chloe Stickler, Sage Beutler, Game of Survival

Medley 2: Brynn Moritz, Sydney Conners, Piper Anderson, Sierra Wouden, Josie Steiny, Sophie Knight, Macy Yu, Julius Dutta, Elysia Razavi

Recital 2018 Lineup p1

Recital 2018 Lineup p2

Recital 2018 Lineup p3Recital 2018 Lineup p4

Recital 2018 Lineup p5